Liquid lipstick, all the rules for using it at its best


A real beauty object of the moment, liquid lipstick is beautiful but there are some essential tips to apply it. Find out with us which ones

Even those who wear little make-up often do not give up on one thread of lipstick because in a single gesture it is capable of making you feel immediately beautiful and in order. Today there are many types to choose from but one of the must-haves of the season is definitely the liquid lipstick, middle ground between the classic version and the gloss and for this joker to always have at hand.

Available in an infinite number of shades, it is ideal for completing any type of make-up look, from the most glamorous to the basic.

Applying it is enough simple, but to do it in the best way it is essential to follow some precautions. Otherwise, the risk is to cause trouble and end up on the teeth or lip contour.

To prevent this from happening, nothing should be left to chance but don’t freak out things to remember for a top result they are few and very simple.

Ready to know all the secrets of liquid lipstick?

liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick: how it’s done

The characteristics that distinguish a classic lipstick from a liquid lipstick are different. First of all, the latter, as the word itself implies, it is liquid, and at first it looks exactly like a gloss. Even the applicator traces its appearance, and allows one drafting Rather precise.

Unlike the gloss, however, the liquid lipstick has one texture much more full, similar to that of a traditional lipstick, and once dry it can result matte or creamy, depending on the type chosen. Many are those proposed by the brands and with very different characteristics among which it is almost impossible not to find the one to fall in love with.

It is usually long-lasting, another point in its favor.

liquid lipstick

Do not rush

Despite its formulation it makes it a lot easy to apply, for an optimal result you will have to take a few moments longer than usual e focus. The fact of being very liquid, in fact, makes it extremely comfortable but also quite prone to smudging.

We therefore advise you not to lay it in the car while you wait for the light to turn green, but to do it at home, in front of a mirror and in a well-lit and comfortable location.

liquid lipstick

Don’t wear too much

Liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented so for a top result you don’t need infinite passes but very often one is enough.

Indeed, sometimes even less. To avoid applying too much product, therefore, before bringing the stick to the lips, unload a little excess pigment.

To make sure you’re not wrong, maybe you should also know the 5 things no one has ever told you about liquid lipstick.

liquid lipstick

Exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying it

Before making up your lips you should always make sure that they are in order, and this tip is all the more true for liquid lipsticks, because the pigments have the characteristic of clinging more than others on the surface of the lips, emphasizing any imperfections.

liquid lipstick

USA one scrub light

There are several on the market lip specially created scrubs, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can gently swipe your lips with a mix of sugar is honey. For an extra boost of vitamin C, add a few drops of orange as well. The result will be sweet and assured.

liquid lipstick

The power of lip balm

This operation helps to eliminate skin and dead cells and must be followed by another very important step: that ofhydration, to be done by simply rolling out a veil of lip balm and letting it act for a few minutes.

liquid lipstick

Apply primer and pencil

At this point you are ready to move on to phase 2, that of the actual makeup, but if you want lips even more smooth, apply a primer, which has the great power to make the application of the lipstick more homogeneous, smooth out fine lines and also give a little volume.

Latest extra step: the pencil. It is not essential to use it but it can help in drafting next of the liquid lipstick because it outlines the perimeter from which not to exit.

Start from Cupid’s bow, draw a line towards the center and proceed by tracing the rest of the outline.

liquid lipstick

How to stem any smudges

THE liquid lipsticks they usually have one good seal but high temperatures, food or liquids, after a few hours can undermine its resistance.

To avoid that accidentally come out of the edges, a good tip is to apply some corrector on the lip contour, which acts as a light barrier and keeps the colored pigments where we applied them.

The ideal concealer for this operation is not too creamy and the same shade as your complexion. If you like to shimmer a little, go ahead for the slightly illuminating formulas as well.

liquid lipstick

Roll it out like this and you won’t make any mistakes

After preparing the base, here are the necessary steps to best apply liquid lipstick.

Start from the corners the outer sides of the lower lip and proceed towards the center and the inner part.

  • Close your lips and rub them between them, so as to transfer some color to the upper lip as well.
  • Fill also this part, starting from Cupid’s bow towards the outer corners.
  • Scrub lips between them again.
  • Finally, tamponal with a paper handkerchief, in order to eliminate the excess product.
  • Wait a minute let the lipstick dry and go out and show off your best smile.

liquid lipstick

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