Liquid lipstick, 5 things you don’t know


Comfortable, simple to use and available in a thousand different shades. Liquid lipstick is truly an irreplaceable product for perfect make-up and to give your look a touch of uniqueness. Here, then, are some secrets that (perhaps) you do not know to apply it correctly. For a make-up like a true make-up artist

What is that thing that is never missing in one’s purse true beauty addicted? Obviously a liquid lipstick. The perfect middle ground between the classic lipstick (in all its fantastic colors) and the gloss. Not a substitute, therefore, but one third and very convenient option to embellish and enhance your lips even more. Giving it a touch of color, brilliance and uniqueness.

A product suitable for anyone, easy to apply, long lasting and which adheres evenly to the surface of the lips. And what’s more, not a small thing, it resists perfectly even under the mask. A product capable of creating a magnificent effect of homogeneity and body. For smile-proof lips and, yes, kissing too. Obviously if you apply it correctly.

Here, then, is everything you need to know about liquid lipstick. To use it with precision and cunning, turning you into a true make-up artist and, above all, giving you lips even more beautiful.

liquid lipstick variety

Do not overdo it

Rule number one for a look-proof lip makeup is do not overdo it. Liquid lipsticks, in fact, tend to be very pigmented, with strong and full colors. For this it is enough do a single pass to obtain a full-bodied, uniform and bright make-up. Avoid, therefore, to go several times with the color (as happens sometimes with traditional lipsticks). Always remembering that the goal is to enhance the lips not to mask or distort them.

liquid lipstick overdo it

Take your time (and a mirror)

Unlike gloss (bright but often transparent) or lipstick (soft and full-bodied), liquid lipstick cannot be put on in a hurry and without looking at what you are doing. Surely it is applied easily, also thanks to the comfortable brush it is equipped with and the fluid consistency. But this, if on the one hand it simplifies the make-up phase, on the other it also creates more chance of error.

If you don’t want to smudge, don’t apply it while walking or sitting in the car. But take your time (and a mirror) to perform flawless makeup with a single, very precise, brushstroke.

mirror liquid lipstick

Password, exfoliate!

As with any color, to obtain a perfect application the surface must be smooth and soft. This is why it is important exfoliate your lips with a good specific scrub. before using liquid lipstick. In order to guarantee maximum adherence and homogeneity of drafting. Avoiding the formation of annoying and not very aesthetic lumps.

liquid lipstick scrub

For a perfect exfoliation of the lips you can opt for different (very simple) solutions such as:

  • gently pass it brush (preferably with soft bristles) on the entire surface of the lips, performing a circular massage;
  • mix together a little bit of sugar, honey and a few drops of lemon and massage the part directly with your fingers. A delicate and practical scrub to prepare at home for super smooth lips.

liquid exfoliating lipstick

Remember to moisturize your lips

Maybe not everyone knows it but, despite having a lot of merits, liquid lipstick tends to dry out the lips. Do not worry, however, to solve this very small problem it is sufficient to remember to moisturize the part. By applying a cocoa butter or lip balm before the lipstick or opting for a formulation enriched with waxes and polymers (specific formulations able to keep the area soft and hydrated for a long time). But not only.

hydration liquid lipstick

Mistakes to avoid

To keep the lips at a healthy level of hydration, in fact, it is also possible to follow gods small tricks and thus avoid making mistakes. First of all (basic rule also for the health of skin and hair) is drink lots of water, at least two liters per day. But also eat a lot fruits and vegetables, instead, reducing salty foods. Aspects that in addition to being good for the lips have positive effects on the whole body.

But that’s not all. Cigarette smoking also negatively affects the beauty of the lips. As well as alcoholic beverages, cold or too hot liquids. Finally, better avoid nibbling the part continuously or to moisten it often with saliva. A few simple tips for perfect and healthy lips.

Use it like this for a super result

Another aspect to keep in mind when using a liquid lipstick, then, is that due to its formulation, it does not guarantee the same brilliance as a gloss. Although the color lasts very long and also resists under the mask, in fact, the initial shiny effect soon gives way to a duller tone. Don’t worry, there are some tips to keep in mind to get a really great result!

bright liquid lipstick

One of the little secrets for an always shiny finish is that of keep a lip gloss in your bag. Able to bring back on the lips that bright effect that so much pleases and illuminates, it enhances even more the vivacity of the nuance of your liquid lipstick.

lip gloss liquid lipstick

A simple and practical way to add a touch of color and uniqueness to your style and your smile. Enhancing your lips and guaranteeing an enviable look. Look and kiss proof.

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