Lips in summer, how to prevent and treat sunburn


Often we do not pay too much attention to protecting the lips from the action of the sun’s rays, neglecting them and taking care to protect other areas of the body. Instead it is a part composed of a very thin epidermal layer that needs attention in order not to burn and cause unpleasant damage.

Let’s find out how to prevent or remedy lip burn.

The sensitivity of the lips in summer … But that’s not all

Lips are very sensitive to dry weather and sunlight. It is an extremely delicate part of the body because it has a very thin layer of skin. For this reason, as soon as there is a change in temperature, they tend to crack.

Especially in spring, and even more so in summer, the sun’s rays attack collagen. This protein has the function of counteracting the creation of wrinkles, which is why it is the number one ingredient for anti-aging creams. Also, compared to other areas, considerably less melanin is produced here, therefore the tanning process does not happen naturally, but in a slow, difficult way and such as to cause redness.

sun kissed lips

The importance of looking after the health of the lips

When the lips chapped, there is an uncomfortable burning sensation, which can even become painful. It also creates a perfect environment for infections to develop which can take a long time to heal.

In cases of more severe sunburn, the actinic cheilitis, i.e. an alteration of the dark pink / red surface of the lips that can become malignant.

What is cheilitis and what are the types

The inflammation affecting the skin covering the lips, known as “chilitis” or “boccarola”, which is more frequent in summer, but sometimes occurs at other times, can involve either the lips or only the corners. In addition to dry skin, cracking or redness may occur. In addition, small cuts can also appear that can be annoying in the simplest actions.

lip pain

The types most frequent of cheilitis are:

  • common, which causes chapping of the lips;
  • infectious, due to the presence of Herpes simplex;
  • irritativewhen you come into contact with substances to which you are allergic;
  • actinic, also called solar, because it is caused by UV rays.

As for the last type, it should be emphasized that, unlike what one might think, the sun’s rays strike all year round. For this reason, just as it is always said that sunscreen should be applied even when wearing make-up in winter, the same goes for lip protection. In all seasons they must be repaired and taken care of.

summer lip protection

How to protect your lips from the sun

Use lip balm products with 30 protection filters

A simple lip balm or a lip balm with moisturizing action it is not enough. The only real solution to preventing sunburn is applying one stick with protection 30. On the market there are several products of this type with different fragrances and different prices. There are really something for all tastes and budgets! Furthermore, their formulation often ensures a prolonged duration over time and resistance to water.
However, if you are exposed to the sun for a long time, we recommend applying the stick several times. The same is true after you’ve drunk and especially eaten.

girl stick lips

Exfoliate your lips and keep them soft

Before or after sun exposure, if your lips become dry and cracked, prepare an exfoliant. It must be very light, as the skin in this area is thin. You can mix a little olive oil and sugar and rub it gently to get rid of dead skin cells.
Alternatively, you can make a mixture with honey, brown sugar, and lemon.


Choose products that maintain the natural hydration of the lips

There are several lip products based on beeswax or petroleum jelly which ensure the maintenance of natural hydration. Furthermore, these substances are able to make the lips softer and turgid for a long time.

girl with shiny and hydrated lips

Always hydrate heavily

It may seem trivial, but hydration is also essential to keep lips healthy. If you are not a fan of the famous two liters of water per day recommended, you can also prepare yourself some cold herbal teas choosing your favorite flavor.

cold herbal tea

How to remedy lip burns

  • Do a couple of times a day a cold compress with water or chamomile tea. In this way you will be able to restore relief to the lips and facilitate the return to their natural color.
  • Apply theextra virgin olive oil. Thanks to the vitamin E contained, it meets the need to replenish the collagen that is lost during natural aging.

olive oil

  • Use thealoe vera, a real panacea to help relieve the stinging caused by sunburn. Apply a small amount of it before going to sleep on the lips after having slightly heated the gel (usually the most used format on the market for this substance). Upon awakening you will immediately feel the difference!

aloe vera

  • Do not apply apply i very shiny lip gloss. These, in addition to protecting the lips as you might think, do nothing but attract even more UV rays.
  • Pay attention to do not expose yourself to the sun until your lips are torched altogether, otherwise you risk worsening the situation considerably.
  • Avoid absolutely to try to burst bubbles that are formed as a result of sunburn. Sure they can be annoying and unsightly, but we assure you that touching them only slows down the healing of the lips. In addition, some not very nice marks may form.

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