Lip tints, everything you need to know about the must-have product for your lips


If you have not yet added a lip tint to your beauty case, the time has come to remedy: just one application will be enough to love them and here we tell you something more on the subject.

The lip tints they could, in no time at all, unseat your beloved lipsticks by becoming the product must have to be worn also under the mask. Long lasting and no transfer are the two magic words that characterize this product that goes in addition to the classic liquid lipsticks and glosses. The plus? The matte finish that, for many seasons, has dominated the catwalks and beyond all over the world, adding a touch of glam to your lips.

What are lip tints

Color also in the tube. It doesn’t take much to define the concept of lip tint, but perhaps it is appropriate to delve deeper into the subject. Lip tints, usually equipped with sponge applicator, are part of the large family of long-lasting lipsticks but, unlike the others, they become an invisible and almost impalpable layer that will color the mucosa without the risk of smudging or excess product.

Today, then, with the advent of masks we had to put aside the lipsticks a little bit lip tints they will allow you not to give up the color on the lips and always be perfect and in order even after having removed it.

How to apply lip tint

After years of glosses, sheers and creamy finishes, lip tints have brought back the super matte and opaque finish which, of course, needs some little tricks such as a lip scrub before application or an extra dose of cocoa butter when not wearing it.

Regarding the applicationinstead, you won’t need to add any primer, pencil or similar. The beauty of lip tints is also given by their ease of application: just one pass and the mucous membrane of the lips will remain colored for hours.

Kisses, snacks and sweets will not be a problem: she will remain there faithful and intense just like any beauty lover would like.

Does the color seem too delicate to you? Stratify fearless. Let a few moments pass between one layer and another and proceed to intensify the color. In this way you could also benefit with lip art with a degraded effect.

How to remove make-up from lip tints

You remember to remove your make-up every night right? We know that this is the case and that you have found your perfect routine by now, but when you use lip tints it takes a little more attention. Always choose a product a base oily, buttery or a biphasic which will dissolve the pigments and totally eliminate the product. Massage for a minute and then proceed to eliminate everything.

Avoid wipes: they are not strong enough to be able to eliminate the lip tint in the best way and you would end up insisting too much on damaging the lips themselves.

The best lip tints around

Between economic and not the lip colors on the market allow to satisfy anyone both in terms of price and color. TO felt tip pen, with applicator and not only that: it is impossible not to find the perfect product for you and, if you do not know where to start, here we have a selection of the best products to buy and to add to your beauty case.

Chanel, rouge allure ink in Serenity

Moart, Velvet tint

I’M MEME Mystery Blur Tint AD Mystery Caramel

NABLA, Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fetish Mauve

YVES SAINT LAURENT, Tatouage Couture in True Orange

Berrisom, my lip tint pack

Kiko, Long Lasting Color Lip Marker in Red

YVES ROCHER, Grand Rouge l’Elixir

Sephora collection, Cream Lip Stain Mat in Cherry Moon

NYX, lip lingerie lipstick in Muted Mauve

MAC, retro matte liquid lipcolour in quite the standout

SMASHBOX, Liquid Lipstick

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