Lip plumper: how it works and the 7 best

Volumizzante labbra: funzionano davvero o rischiano di fare male?

Hyaluronic acid: this is the magic word when it comes to full and defined lips. Its plumping effect makes it the secret of many women who want to counteract the first signs of aging, but also of those who fight with too thin lips and who would like, instead, a more prominent mouth.

To make them visually fuller, there are various products on the market, based on hyaluronic acid, which allow you to give a little help. Sure, the Lip plumper is not a miracle product, therefore, a surgeon-proof face or lip distortion is not to be expected. But certainly a good quality product can make a little difference, also thanks to the glossy texture of the product, which helps to make the lips bigger thanks to the optical effect.

Lip plumper: what is it for?

The lip plumper it serves to give a fuller appearance to the lips, without resorting to pinpricks or surgery. The effect of the product, in fact, although only momentary, makes thin lips fuller, giving them a more turgid shape.

Lip plumper: the types of products

The products that can be purchased are different from each other in several respects. There are colored or transparent ones, for example, or flavored ones. The duration certainly also changes. The hyaluronic acid that is released on the lips it dissolves in a short time and the mouth slowly returns to its natural shape. The duration of a medium quality product is in any case about two hours.

There are also two categories of lip plumper:

  • there gloss formula it definitely has a stronger action than that of lipstick. It is applied and left to act for a few minutes, then once the effect is obtained it is removed with a cotton swab and proceed with the application of the lipstick, which will be more uniform, without the unsightly lines that are created when the lips are even slightly dehydrated;
  • the plumper lipstickinstead, it has a shorter shelf life because it usually contains a lower amount of hyaluronic acid. However, it can be used, for example, in the case of lips that are already quite full and therefore do not need to be really plumped, but only volumized a little for a greater effect.

Lip volumizer: how to choose it

Precisely because there are many products available on the market, it is good carefully choose the one that best suits your needs and especially, something that does no harm. For this reason, it is better to put yourself in the hands of trusted brands, even if perhaps a little more expensive, just to avoid not having to run for cover.

In this regard, if redness, burning or itching appear after applying the lip plumper, set aside the product and replace it, without continuing to use it. A slight tingling it is completely normal, however. The components of the product (mint, cinnamon, ginger or even chili derivatives) cause the blood to rise to the surface, so as to bring the slight and temporary swelling of the lips. Among the ingredients there are also redensifying peptides and Dictyopteris oil (obtained from an ocean seaweed, which seems to have a volumizing effect). Then, obviously, hyaluronic acid is present.

Be careful though: the mix of active ingredients assembled to create the slight contact irritation that makes the lips appear larger, can prove to be the cause of infections. For this reason it is recommended to carefully check the ingredients, especially if you are sensitive subjects. In this case yes to the delicate ones such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, no to the aggressive ones, such as peppermint oil and cinnamon, which can more easily generate irritation.

Likewise, avoid using the volumizer on chapped or cut lips, as the refreshing and plumping effect of some ingredients (especially peppermint and cayenne pepper) could cause annoying effects. Avoid using it even if the lips have returned from a filler treatment or surgery.

Lip volumizer: the 7 best

Below is a detailed list of some of the best products currently on the market. Some are to be applied when necessary, perhaps for an event or a special occasion in which you want to show off lips in the foreground; others are real treatments. Unfortunately, on the net, in addition to products like these, it is not difficult to come across tips to make your lips bigger with DIY. But it is better be wary by whom it proposes strange recipes based on irritants, which could cause considerable damage.

1. Xlip volumizing serum

lip plumper

Made with a blend of powerful ingredients such as soybean oil, kiwi extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract and cucumber, the product increases blood flow and increases collagen levels to make lips plumper. It hydrates and fills them safely: it is clinically tested, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals.
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2. Belle Azul Balm

lip plumper

Plumping, moisturizing, for a natural and volumizing effect on the lips. Contains peppermint and cayenne pepper.
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3. Hollywood Lip Volumizer

lip plumper

Natural botox effect, thanks to the ginger and chilli pepper mix: they stimulate blood circulation by increasing the plumping effect. A slight tingling after application is normal. The lips are turgid and irresistibly volumized.
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4. Wunder2 Gloss Volumizing

lip plumper

A gloss that adds extreme volume to the lips making them plumper in minutes. It is available in five colors in addition to the classic clear formula. The product contains collagen and hyaluronic acid and can be used alone or applied before lipstick.
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5. L’Oréal Paris Volumizing Primer

lip plumper

Gives full volume to the lips, nourishes, hydrates and plumps them. It can be applied as a top coat, as a make-up base or alone.
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6. Miss Beauty Lip Plumper

lip plumper

Increase the volume and outline the lips, making them visually more voluminous, full and thick. It also corrects dryness, moisturizing them and making them smoother, reducing the signs of aging.
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7. Yoffee Lip Volumizer

lip plumper

Lips instantly more voluminous thanks to Guarana oil and Capsicum Frutescens. It also contains Argan oil, hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Free of parabens and phthalates; not tested on animals.
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