Lip gloss: what is it for, the best ones and how to apply it

Lucidalabbra con fiori veri, glitter o volumizzanti: quali sono i migliori

Glittered, volumizing, opaque, slightly colored, with a multidimensional effect: with a veil of lip gloss the face immediately appears more radiant and fresh. The gloss gives that touch of brightness that, especially in summer and in the evening, if you don’t want to weigh down your make-up, it can be enough to embellish your face and put it in the foreground.

Lip gloss: what is it for?

Lip gloss is also called lip gloss: gives the lips an irresistible wet effect, so as to make them stand out with light. A truly unique touch, which can be more or less marked depending on the presence of reflective or glitter micro-pearls. These, in fact, create optical illusions that amplify the volume and enlarge the lips, catalyzing the attention on them.

For this reason, the product is particularly suitable for girls with thin lips, to emphasize them in a natural way with a single draft or perhaps with the addition of a lipstick. The effect, on the other hand, is much more pronounced on already very pronounced natural lips.

Lip gloss: how to apply it

The method of applying the gloss changes according to the desired effect. For a natural result it is preferable to simply apply it with your fingertips: in this way the lips will appear very neat with a single and easy touch. Even more so if, before the application, the lips are defined with one pencil. In this way, the edges will be evened out and any cracks corrected. Then, by blending the pencil slightly inwards, you can also give the lips a light shade of color.

Otherwise, if you want to focus a lot on the mouth and emphasize it, you can opt for the lip gloss-lipstick combination: first, a brightly colored lipstick and then a light layer of transparent wet-effect gloss, to be spread on top with the special brush.

Types of lip glosses

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There are very different lip glosses on the market. First, change theapplicator. The ideal one is the diagonal-tipped brush, which facilitates use and allows extreme precision, without smudging the product and without an excessive amount being picked up, which is difficult to manage. But there are also creamy glosses, which you can take directly with the fingers. And again, gloss in tube, which are applied directly to the lips by squeezing a drop of product through the small hole on the end.

Then they exist pearl glosses, especially suitable in the evening, because during the day they would risk making the make-up too heavy, enriched with particles that reflect light. They are perfect for sparkling on summer evenings. THE volumizing glosseson the other hand, from the first application they give a fuller appearance to the lips, which appear particularly plump and obviously shiny. The matte lip gloss it is the one that does not have a strong shimmer effect, which especially on already large and plump lips could be heavy and excessively showy. It also adapts well to women who are no longer very young, because it does not slip into the folds of the mouth. It has a more elegant and sophisticated effect, while the traditional gloss has a fresher and more natural effect.

Instead, the lip gloss with real flowers inside, very popular especially among beauty gurus. The lip balm has incorporated flowers with moisturizing properties. And here, in the transparent gel, violets, irises or roses appear, which give perfume, hydration and a touch of color. In addition to being particularly “instagrammable”: not surprisingly, there is the special reference hashtag #kailijumei, named after the Chinese brand that first put the product on the market.

DIY lip gloss: two recipes

The recipe simply provides a tube of petroleum jelly and a powder eyeshadow of the chosen color. Pour the two ingredients into a glass bowl and mix with a wooden stick. The amount of eyeshadow will determine the intensity of the final color of the product. The mixture should be poured and stored in a special container, perhaps to be carried with you in your handbag.

The “greedy” version of DIY lip gloss involves the use of two teaspoons of honey, two squares of white chocolate, a few drops of almond oil and a pinch of vanilla powder. Put everything in a glass bowl and then transfer to a bain-marie over the fire. Mix until a thick mixture is obtained: once ready, pour it into the containers. Again, adding any powder eyeshadow will give you a colored gloss.

Lip gloss: the 10 best lip glosses

1. Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss

lip gloss

Gel formula enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres: plumps and moisturizes the lips, for an intensified volumizing effect. The Mirror Shine Complex, polarized crystalline microspheres, guarantee a reflection of light with a magical effect. Available in 24 shades and three effects: Sparkling, Pearly, Pure.
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2. Collistar Gloss Design

lip gloss

Gloss with a revolutionary, brilliant and plumping effect formula. Lacquered, pearl and chrome colors with an ultra-bright and long-lasting finish. The applicator ensures that the right amount of product is picked up and spread.
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3. Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

lip gloss

Brilliance and nourishment for the lips, which appear visibly smoother and plumped with a single stroke. The base shade, Fenty Glow, is a universal nude pink, designed for all skin types. The gloss is non-sticky and has an irresistible peach and vanilla scent!
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4. Lip gloss with flowers

lip gloss

Long-lasting water-repellent lip gloss, with moisturizing and nourishing formula. The pigmented effect changes according to the personal color of the lips. Three, the shades available.
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5. Hi-Fi Shine Lipgloss

lip gloss

Ultra glossy, comfortable and non-sticky lip gloss. The formula is enriched with vitamins E and peppermint oil, with a nourishing and volumizing effect. It has a delicious vanilla and mint flavor. Wide range of colors, with four different effects: metallic, holographic, creamy and transparent creamy.
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6. Rich & Dazzling High-Shine Sparkling Lip Gloss

lip gloss

Sparkling and full of reflective glitter, this gloss gives the lips a multidimensional effect. The formula with natural oils leaves a feeling of softness on the lips.
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7. Miss Pupa Gloss

lip gloss

Ultra bright gloss, immediate volume effect, smoothing and plumping, with a bright and three-dimensional effect. The gel formula is smooth and flowing on the lips, leaving a light and adherent film, which does not stick. Contains hyaluronic acid spheres, mango extract and vegetable oils.
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8. Juicy Fruit Comfort Lip Glaze

lip gloss

Delicious candy effect lip gloss: gives the lips extreme shine, combined with a pleasant fruity fragrance. The texture is smooth, comfortable and slightly shiny. To be used alone or on top of lipstick.
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9. Lip Gloss Easy Lover

lip gloss

Rich palette of shades, all with a long-lasting, intense, brilliant, uniform and pleasant effect. It can be used alone or applied to any other lip product.
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10. Oh My Gloss

lip gloss

Brilliant color and hydrated lips: this product enhances the lips by illuminating and nourishing them deeply. The light and non-sticky formula guarantees color rendering for up to 6 hours.
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Original article published on July 24, 2019

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