Lip contour wrinkles: products and treatments to do at home


In beauty jargon they are called “bar code”, because they remember the bar code: are the wrinkles around the lips that form vertically both above and below the mouth. In most cases they depend on the smoke, due to the mechanical suction movement of the cigarette (as well as the extra dose of free radicals that it entails). That’s why not smoking is a good habit for beautiful skin. Of course, among the causes of wrinkles around the lips there is also aging, but for them to be vertical, a lot of time must pass (translated: you have to be abundantly after the door). And the smoke certainly accelerates.

The case of the nasolabial wrinkles, that is, those that go from the base of the nose to the corner of the lips: they are lines of expression present on all faces, but which become more marked with age. In some cases they begin to appear shortly after the age of 30. The reason? The physiological loss of elasticity and volume of the skin that makes permanent the normal furrows that form on the sides of the mouth when smiling. Not surprisingly, someone has baptized these wrinkles with the name of smile lines.

What to do against wrinkles around the lips

“The first anti-wrinkle advice is to always protect the lip contour area with high SPF sunscreens (30 or 50) to be reapplied several times during the day” – prof. Sergio Noviello Health Director of the Sergio Noviello Cosmetic Surgery & BAT Center. The ideal is to have one transparent sun stick to pass repeatedly in the city, and not only at the sea or in the mountains. The new products have comfortable textures that leave no greasy residue on the skin.

«To prevent wrinkles around the lips it is important to nourish the area with cosmetics based on Vitamin C, bisabolol, beta glucans, olive oil, sunflower oil, lemon balm. And in the evening before going to sleep, pass a generous layer of conditioner on thecupid’s bow area and in general in the area between the base of the nose and the lips. This simple ritual will nourish the skin and help prevent the so-called “bar code” wrinkles that particularly affect smokers »- continues the expert.

How to hide wrinkles around the lips

If wrinkles have already formed on the lip contour or around the mouth, you can try to camouflage them with botox-like cosmetics. That is, they simulate the relaxing action of botulic toxin which aims to smooth out wrinkles by relaxing the muscles. The effect is admittedly temporary, and typically lasts 2 to 6 hours. However, continuous application helps to stretch the area, showing the lip contour area increasingly smoother. Botox effect cosmetics are formulated in the form of liquid serums, in order to better achieve the lifting purpose. They are applied before the day cream.

Another type of product suitable for lip contour wrinkles is represented by filler fillers which, in this case, simulate the plumping effect of hyaluronic acid injections. Usually their packaging helps to dispense the product precisely in the wrinkle, thanks to the spout that acts almost as a filler. Again, the filler effect is temporary, but just enough to feel good. The fact remains that, application after application, the wrinkles around the lips become less and less evident. Other products have metal applicators with which to massage the area after applying the cream.

Lip contour products to try

Lift Integral, Lierac

Volume Effect Smoothing Eyes and Lips from Somatoline Cosmetic

AHAVA anti-wrinkle lip contour serum

Multi-peptide by Miamo

Resultime filler serum

Firming Lip & Eye by Mediterranea

Korff’s Age-Filler

A-Vitamin by Cooking

Sun Secure, transparent solar stick SVR

Anti-barcode serum, SkinLabo

Serum Botox, Sheranee Cosmetics

Double extra action, Fillast

Other tips against lip contour wrinkles

In addition to creams and serums, there are innovative ideas to smooth out the wrinkles around the lips. We refer to patches that smooth the skin in just two hours. They are made of hydrocolloid tissue enriched with crystallized micro-needles of hyaluronic acid and growth factor (EGF), able to painlessly penetrate the surface layer of the skin. In this way, by melting, the microneedles can release the active principle in depth, guaranteeing a filling effect of the “bar code” grooves.

Other anti-wrinkle lip contour tips are i pen-shaped devices that emit microcurrent beams to be used together with specific serums and creams. Do you prefer natural products? You can use the jade roller which helps smooth out wrinkles and distribute the product better.

NuFace electric anti-wrinkle lip contour device

– B-Selfie tail lip contour wrinkle patch

Gymnastics for lip contour wrinkles

Facial gymnastics can also help smooth out the wrinkles around the lips. The most suitable is the kissing exercise. What’s it about? Push your lips out, as if you want to pop a loud kiss, and then relax them, repeating the exercise for a few minutes. One more tip: repeat the vowels slowly, widening the muscles around the mouth to the nth degree. If you get used to it, you will gradually see your wrinkles become less noticeable!

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