Lilac Hair (and Lavender Hair): the new trend

Lilac e lavander hair: capelli come fiori di lavanda e lillà

THE Lilac Hair, as well as i Lavender Hair, they are one of the latest fashions of this 2019. It is about dyes or concealers for lilac or lavender hair, pastel shades of purple that give an air of romance but also rock or gothic, depending on the cut or style you choose. On Instagram there are many examples of girls who have opted for these colors and they are all wonderful. But of course there are a few things to know.

Meanwhile, if you choose Lilac Hair – but also Lavender – the starting point must be i blond or lightened hair. If you don’t have blonde hair, why don’t you naturally have it, or your hair has faced dark colors for years, perhaps withhenna, it is better not to do it at home alone or with friends, but it is preferable to contact a professional. The risk you run, otherwise, is that of damaging and greatly weakening your hair.

Then there is the question: dye or concealer for Lilac Hair? There is a big difference. The dye, which gives a uniform appearance to the hair, although the color is not too bright after many washes, holds: to make it go away completely you will have to lighten or opt for a darker dye. Or, at the end of a month, go back to the hairdresser to cover the regrowth – but even not, if you don’t feel the need, as Lavender Hair with regrowth is really impressive and looks much more natural.

The corrector, which instead presents a multi-faceted look, it can be a little more “weaker” and already from the first wash you could lose most of the color. Not bad for those who just want to do a temporary test or get ready for a particular occasion.

Let’s browse the gallery together to discover the Lilac and Lavender Hair on the girls who have adopted this color, in a roundup of the most varied cuts, folds and hairstyles.

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