Leo: the beauty mistakes you need to avoid


The Leo girl has a strong character which is also reflected in her beauty choices. If you were born under this sign, some mistakes may be around the corner.

The sign of Leo is undoubtedly the more passionate than the whole zodiac and also one of those from stronger character and with a more heated temperament.

These characteristics, combined with a good dose of vanity, materialize for girls born from 23 July to 23 August, with a equally decisive approach to the world of beauty and that leaves no room for uncertainty.

Rarely does a woman of this sign like to go unnoticed, and if you have been lucky it is very likely that you can confirm this fact.

But be careful, precisely because they are iconic and characterizing, the beauty choices of those who belong to the sign of Leo can lend themselves more than others to slips or mistakes. Here are those absolutely not to do.

Overdo the tanning base

The Leo girl likes to always have one skin as kissed by the sun. To make her particularly addicted to this trend could be the fact that she was born in the summer month par excellence, during which a tan is almost a must have.

If you are lucky enough to go to the beach and tan naturally, the only advice is to always apply high sunscreen. At least the first few days, never go below 50, especially if your skin is particularly fair. Over time you can decrease a little but better not do it excessively also because, contrary to popular belief, UV screens do not limit the tanning power of the sun but only protect against its damage.

Moderate the use of the bronzer

In the beauty make up of those born under this sign never misses a bronzer, otherwise known as bronzing powder, used with the ambition of showing a face that is always tanned.

The idea itself is not wrong at all, indeed the use of the bronzer in the summer is absolutely recommended, provided however do not overdo it. If you are naturally tanned but you want to even out your complexion better, spread a very light veil, but if you have not yet been to the sea you can insist a little more, however be careful to blend it perfectly, avoiding the deadlift with the neck, arms and décolleté.


Be careful with strobing

In addition to applying it evenly, the bronzer can also be used to recreate the strobing technique, designed to accentuate and enhance the facial features, creating strategic light points on them.

The bronzer, combined with the highlighter, is perfect for this purpose but if you have a round face, it is better to avoid it to rely on this method because by highlighting its features it could emphasize this feature.


Self tanning yes but without exaggerating

If in addition to your face you want to have tanned skin from head to toe but you don’t have time to go to the beach or the pool, the use of self-tanning or colored body creams is absolutely legal but also in this case the rule of moderation. Don’t overdo it to avoid creating a fake result. Also be careful to give a sense of continuity between the face and the rest of the body.

Choose unsuitable lipsticks

Even the lip makeup for the Leo woman must be seen. The nuance preferred are usually those warm and suitable to marry with the colors of the earth which usually feature basic and eye make-up.

The first choice when you are about to roll out the lipstick it is almost always that of Red. This color looks good on almost all but the existing shades are so many that being wrong and finding yourself with a nuance that you don’t value at all is more common than you think. So be careful to choose the one ad hoc for your complexion.

Undergo excessive skincare treatments

As for the make-up, also with regard to the skincare the Leone woman knows what she wants and is always ready to experiment with new products or treatments, provided they are of great quality and with guaranteed and visible results.

If your skin is particularly sensitive though, there are treatments that should be avoided, especially in summer, because they are too aggressive.

Better to stay away, therefore, from interventions with theablative asers and special chemical peels, but prefer gentler techniques, always avoiding do-it-yourself but relying on the expert hands of professionals and the advice of a dermatologist.


Using too intense perfumes

Seductive, determined, mistress of her own destiny and never tames. Queen of the zodiac, the woman of this sign likes to leave behind him after its passage an unmistakable one trail of perfume. His favorite notes are undoubtedly intense, and range from Myrrh, with Amber and Honey, to then turn towards more floral or fruity tips such as sunflower, lavender, orange or oak.

The perfect fragrances for the Leo woman are therefore those that are recognized but be careful not to overdo the splashes. The more intense a perfume is, the less it is needed for it to stick to the skin and stick out into the environment. Therefore, exceeding is not necessary, indeed it could turn into a false step, since not all people love the same fragrances and exceeding the limits could cause annoyance to others.


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