Leo sign: the most beautiful make-up you can show off


Leo girls love bold looks and warm shades. If you are also of this sign and would like to wear makeup accordingly, here are some make up looks to copy.

The sign of Leo, which belongs to those born between July 22 and August 22, is undoubtedly the most passionate of the entire zodiac and also among those from character more decided.

All features that ensure that his choices are never trivial and even when it comes to make up almost always the Leo girl knows how to get noticed.

If this is your sign, you may not know that the sun rules it and that gold, yellow and orange are its colors. What better time than summer, then, to experiment with them on your make-up, maybe combining them with warm, earthy tones, among the most suitable for enhancing the beauty and character of lions, especially in the hottest season of the year, as they make the tan stand out even more.

Must have make up: the bronzer

The undisputed king of makeup for Leo girls, especially in summer, it is the bronzer.

Super versatile product, it takes very little to make a difference. Its purpose, in fact, is to illuminate and warm the complexion, making him look like he has just returned from a day at the beach, even when he is not; or to even out the complexion if, on the other hand, a little real tan is already present.

Cream or powder

Bronzers exist in version cream or powder. If you have the combination or oily skin better to opt for this second one because the powders they help dry the skin, regulate excess sebum and fight the shiny effect.

Creams or liquid products are best suited for dry skins but also more difficult to use and if you are not experienced enough the risk of finding yourself with a patchy face is quite real.

make up

How to use it

There is no single technique for using the bronzer. Much depends on the starting situation of your skin and the final effect you want to achieve.

Sun-kissed skin effect

If you want a face that exactly reflects this image, apply the bronzer in a rather natural and instinctive way. Use a large brush with soft bristles, take some product or after remembering to dump the excess apply it all over your face, insisting however, on the points where the sun usually acts most: forehead, chin, nose and cheekbones.

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Technique of 3

The bronzer is a great product for contouring but if you are looking for a faster alternative to create three-dimensionality to the face, this is perfect.

Use a contouring brush and starting from the forehead draw a small arc that you arrive up to the cheekbone, and from there a second that ends on chin.

make up

Make up ideas to copy

Summer is Leo season and if you want to dominate it, here are three different but super cool looks to suit you.

Smokey eyes brown

If you love earth tones but don’t want to be too daring, brighten your face with the bronzer, and make the eyes a refined smokey eyes Brown, much less aggressive than the black version but equally capable of enhancing the gaze, especially if your irises are green or hazel.

To make it you need three brown eyeshadows of different shades. Light shades are better for the day, while in the evening you can turn to bold browns. Also get a cat’s tongue brush and a blending brush, a pencil or brown eyeliner and mascara.

All the steps

Take the cat’s tongue brush and spread the clighter color on the mobile eyelid, then apply the middle in the crease of the eye and blend it outwards and under the lower rhyme.

Color darkerinstead, roll it out in the outer corner of the eye, in order to give further depth.

For a daytime look simply add a little bit of mascara, while in the evening it accentuates everything with a line of eyeliner or brown pencil above the eye and, if you like, also in the lower rhyme.

make up

Orange eye makeup

Summer make-ups are usually full of color, so why not dare a little with a orange look?

The options in this case are two: one more natural and one decidedly strong.

Sunset look

As the name suggests, the idea is to recreate them on your face shades of sunset. Eyes in the foreground with a metallic yellow or gold eyeshadow to apply on the mobile eyelid with a cat’s tongue brush, and one Orange, always metallic, to be blended on the crease and browbone.

Top it all off with a light one eyeliyner line, mascara on the upper and lower lashes, bronzer in the right places e pink or transparent gloss.

make up

Orange fluo

If you prefer defined make-up, choose a fluo orange eyeshadow and spread several layers on the mobile eyelid, then blend them outwards and under the eye. Complete the look with one bold eyeliner line and lots of mascara.

make up

Fiery red lips

In case, however, you like to highlight the lip more than eyes, the color of Leo girls like you is only one: Red.

Choose the shade that best suits your complexion and apply it without delay, leaving the rest of the face almost completely natural, so that all attention is focused on the smile.

make up

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