Leo sign: all the beauty secrets you need to know


Leo is an extremely bold and vain fire sign who likes to be the center of attention. His temperament requires an equally intense beauty routine to highlight his qualities and allow him to be the center of attention as often as he wishes.

The Lion is the protagonist of the period from 23 July to 23 August. Main characteristics of who was born in this period are passion, generosity And vanity. In fact, this zodiac sign corresponds to a very self-confident behavior and the desire to always be at the center of attention with eyes on him.

If you are Leo, you will know that yours is a fire sign ruled by the sun and for this reason, in fact, you have a very warm, proud and proud temperament, so you continually seek admiration from those around you, even through Skincare. and Beauty.

Discover the tricks to enhance your character and your unique beauty!

Warm make up for the fire sign

The warm and intense make-up, which recalls the colors of the earth, is a real must have for this summer 2021, thanks to its power to enhance and intensify the tan.

In particular, the brown and orange shades are the ones that best enhance the Leo woman by intensifying the gaze. By modulating them, you can decide whether to create a light and natural make-up, or whether to bring the focus to the eyes.

You can also mix these colors with other eyeshadows to create different and effective looks.

  • Orange and brown: creating an eye make-up that goes from orange to brown, blending in a very precise and delicate way, allows you to be on the safe side by choosing the result based on the intensity you want to achieve.

orange make up for the sign of Leo

  • Black and Orange: the smokey eyes of summer 2021 with warm tones is an indispensable must have that allows you to do something different than the usual gray palette.

orange and black make-up

  • Orange and yellow: a vitamin combination in which the two colors blend perfectly with each other, creating an absolutely glam style.

orange and yellow make-up

Strobing technique for a Lion that… shines

The strobing it is a much appreciated technique, even by celebrities, which is considered a valid substitute for contouring (of which it represents practically the opposite) to enhance the details and lines of the face without creating unattractive color spots.

The term derives from the concept of “strobe light”, Ie that deriving from intermittent sources.

strobing technique

This practice, in fact, is designed to create a “flash” effect on the face, which shines in an attractive way. And it can only be perfect for the Leo woman, who loves to always be shiny, even in hairstyles.

How strobing is created

For strobing to be flawless you need to create one homogeneous base first applying a smoothing primer (possibly in cream, which in summer is more suitable because it allows the skin to transpire better), then a foundation or a CC or BB cream, taking care to spread the color evenly. Now is the time to light up with a cream blush with highlighter to create a shiny look.

This technique is also perfect for showing beautiful highlights when you need to take shots. Thanks to strobing, in fact, your face in the photo is more three-dimensional and sparkling and less flattened: a make-up proof for shooting or selfies!

However, there are three cases in which it is better to avoid strobing

  • If you have the round face, strobing will further enhance it, so we recommend using the contouring technique which instead makes the contours of the face more angular.
  • If you have many hairs on the face, you risk accentuating them even more, illuminating them and highlighting them well.
  • When it particularly does heat and especially if you have combination or oily skin, the chances that sweat will shine your skin are already high. Creating other bright areas on the face will certainly not be an aesthetic choice.

Orange or red lipstick if you want to create a focus on the lips that reflects the bold and cheerful character of the Lion

The alternative to intense eye make-up with warm nuances is a nude make-up on the eyes and a bright and strong lipstick on the mouth. In fact, this look reflects a bold, strong woman who is not afraid to dare, much less to be observed.

The red lipstick is a great classic that never goes out of style and goes well with any outfit, from the most casual and basic to the most sophisticated.

Red lipstick

Alternatively, why not try dyeing your lips an intense, almost vitamin-like orange, perfect especially for bringing out the tan? This color represents strength, courage and even joy, characteristics that undoubtedly belong to the sign of Leo!

orange lipstick

The face masks that cannot be missing in the beauty routine of the sign of Leo

If you are of the sign of Leo, you can only love them nourishing, regenerating and illuminating masks for the face. These products usually perform a very light peeling that eliminates dead cells and restores brightness and softness to the skin.

Apply them once or twice a week to give your complexion a rested, even and radiant appearance… Ready to conquer the World!

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