Lengthening your lashes: 5 mistakes that stop growth


Why don’t eyelashes grow? What am I doing wrong? If you happen to ask yourself these questions, here is the solution. Let’s see what are the mistakes to avoid to make your lashes lengthen and always have them healthy and strong. And guarantee you a truly irresistible look.

How many of you would like to have beautiful long and thick eyelashes, capable of enchanting with a single beat even without kilos of mascara? Probably all or at least those who do not already have them naturally like this. Lucky you will say. In reality it is not about this (or maybe only in part). Lengthen your lashes and make them grow healthy and strong, in fact, it is possible for anyone.

obviously avoiding the classic mistakes which, unknowingly, damage or break them. Preventing them from growing as they should and you from showing off a femme fatale look. In short, as often happens, it’s all a matter of good habits. Here, then five errors that are commonly done with your own eyelashes. Learning how to avoid them and how take care of this very delicate part of the body. Guaranteeing you even more irresistible eyes.

Rub your eyes

The first mistake to avoid when you want to lengthen your lashes is to rub your eyes. Whether it is out of habit, because you have the feeling that something has entered your eye due to a gust of wind or because in the heat the make-up bothers you, it does not change. Rubbing your eyes is never good, neither to the eye itself that can irritate, nor to your eyelashes, which can break from rubbing and weaken.

The result? Lashes that are shorter than normal, sparser (because they can detach) and more fragile. Exactly everything you don’t need to lengthen your lashes and guarantee yourself the classic doe look you dream of in so many.

How to avoid it

An advice? To avoid this very bad habit the first thing to do is always carry a mirror with you, to check that your eye is okay. Second, if the temptation to rub them is too strong, wet them with fresh water. An immediate relief for your eyes and a way to safeguard your lashes.

Forgetting to remove your make-up

To continue with bad habits, to lengthen the lashes (or at least promote their growth) is important never forget to remove your make-up before going to sleep. The problem, in fact, is not just that of waking up the next morning with “panda effect” eyes and a stained pillowcase.

lengthen mascara lashes

In fact, forgetting to remove make-up from eyelashes weakens them and irritates their follicles. Causing it dryness and fall (just like when you rub them), weakening them day after day. This is why, as for the face, it is important to take care of the cleaning of the eyelashes, in a few simple steps:

  • putting a small amount of makeup remover on a cotton pad;
  • applying it on the eyelid and letting it act for a few seconds;
  • eliminating everything with water;
  • and finishing by massaging the part with vaseline or specific oil for nourish dry eyelashes, plumping them up.

lengthen eyelashes remove make-up

Lengthen eyelashes without vitamins? Mission impossible

One of the main reasons why the eyelashes struggle to grow, then, is the deficiency of some vitamins in your diet. Not caring and paying attention to what you eat, therefore, is a very serious mistake if your aim is to make your lashes lengthen as much as possible.

lengthen the eyelashes look

An error that can be easily solved, however, by adding some to your menu “friendly” foods how:

  • cereals;
  • green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, etc.);
  • omega 3 (fish);
  • nuts such as almonds, pistachios and walnuts.

All foods rich in iron, magnesium and vitamins A, B, E, H and antioxidants. Useful for lengthening lashes, keeping them healthy and strong.

lengthen broccoli eyelashes

Abusing the eyelash curler

One very useful beauty tool to give shape and volume to the lashes. But only if you use it correctly and without abusing it. First it is important don’t use it every day but only when strictly necessary and, above all, never after having already applied mascara. But not only.

lengthen eyelash curler

For use the eyelash curler correctly and not to interfere with the growth of the same is important:

  • clean the tool regularly, each time it is used (just like brushes);
  • change it or replace its parts if worn;
  • fold it up to obtain a better and more lasting curvature;
  • use it carefully, gently squeezing the lashes for about 15 seconds, and then slowly take it off.

This way you will avoid irritating the eyelid and follicles badly pulling out your lashes. Ensuring they keep their natural beauty.

Lengthen Lashes VS Heat

Finally, another very common mistake that almost everyone certainly makes is not paying attention to heat that can directly or indirectly affect the lashes. And by heat we mean both that of the water you use while taking a shower (which we often let fall on the face in a state of semi-asleep from relaxation), and that of the phone when you dry your hair.

In particular, the latter dries the eyelashes, weakens them and, at times, causes them to fall out. That is why it is important to pay close attention to what comes into contact with this delicate part of the body. In this case, for example, avoiding distractingly aiming the jet of air at your face. Always ensuring the right care and all the appropriate attention to ensure the best possible health of the eyelashes.

lengthen the lashes phone

By doing so, paying attention to these small mistakes that are almost certainly made every day, it is possible lengthen your lashes naturally. As a direct consequence of their newfound good health and the care you have dedicated to them. Getting one look that will be difficult to forget.

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