Lengthen your lashes: all the tips and tricks


If you are looking for some tricks to lengthen your lashes, here are the tips you cannot miss!

The doe eyelashes they are everyone’s dream. If you are lucky enough to have them naturally thick and long, a stroke of mascara will most likely be enough for you to show off a super magnetic look, but if not, know that they exist. many ways to lengthen your lashes and consequently also improve the final result of your make-up.

They range from natural methods to those that involve the use of specific products, up to more lasting treatments, made by professionals.

So let’s try to clarify the topic and help you understand which option to lengthen the lashes is the most suitable for you.

Beware of mascara

Before even telling you how to lengthen your lashes, we want to ask you a question: sure of choose the right mascara and of apply it in the most correct way?

There are many types of mascara and if your goal is to lengthen your lashes you need to choose one that specifically states this mission.

Also it pipe cleaner it’s important. To lengthen the lashes better it is in rigid plastic and with many small teeth, in order to separate the lashes well and avoid the mixed effect.

How to apply it

It starts from the base and continue outwards with zigzag movements.

Make about three passes per eye, alternating the sides in order to give each one the possibility to partially dry.

Not apply mascara only on the tips lashes, otherwise you will lower them and the end result will be that they will appear shorter rather than longer.

Natural remedies to lengthen eyelashes

THE natural remedies to lengthen the lashes are undoubtedly i less invasive, but also those who need a little extra patience to see results.

In this segment, the part of the protagonists is played by the orthere.

Castor oil

The most used is that of castor. It is often frightening because of its intense smell, but it is actually quite suitable for stimulate growth not only eyelashes but also hair and nails.

The secret of its success is to be rich in ricinoleic acid, which owns this property.


How to use it

To benefit from the positive effects of castor oil on your lashes you have to do daily compresses.

Get a old mascara brush, clean it so that no traces of product remain and use it to spread the oil from root to tip. If you will be constant the first results they should see each other already after 2 to 3 weeks.

Coconut or olive oil

Extremely used also in other beauty areas such as hair care, thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing properties, coconut oil can also help lengthen your lashes.

You can spread it with the mascara technique or gently massage it into the eyelashes directly with your fingertips, every night before going to sleep.

Olive oil is also highly recommended, which not only lengthens the lashes, but also makes them thicker and more resistant.


Egg yolk

The last natural remedy worth mentioning, even if it may seem bizarre, is the egg yolk, which would have similar effects to oils.

After you have separated it from the egg white and beaten a little, spread it over the lashes and left on for about an hour like it was a mask, then rinsed off.



A super simple ace up your sleeve to lengthen your lashes but often overlooked is the primer.

It’s about a preparatory basis which looks exactly like a mascara, to be applied before it. By creating a film that thickens the structure of the eyelashes, immediately intensifies the effect.

There are many on the market and for all budgets, many also with nourishing and strengthening formulas. This is not a lasting solution but the immediate effect is guaranteed.



The serum can be called theequivalent of oils and it is one of the most common solutions adopted by those who want to lengthen their lashes.

The method of application, in fact, it is the same and even if there are infinite types, the formulas are always designed to strengthen, nourish and lengthen the lashes.


Fake eyelashes

Other easy solution is to resort to Fake eyelashes. They sure won’t change your look permanently, but for one night they can treat you diva eyelashes.

The classic version is the one that requires glue to be applied and may not be very easy to use if you are a beginner.

Fortunately, however, there are also eyelashes fake of the latest generation, equipped with a magnetic base which allows you to attach them to the natural ones with a simple click.


Extension and lamination

There are also more lasting ways to lengthen the lashes, which however require theintervention of a professional.

One of them is the application of extension, which exactly as it happens for the hair consists in grafting eyelashes of natural fibers between yours, in order to increase their volume and length.

Another technique is that of lamination. Also called eyelash permanent, it is a keratin treatment that is used to lengthen eyelashes but also to thicken and darken them.


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