Lengthen your eyelashes: 5 natural remedies


Have long and thick eyelashes with bewitching doe eyes it is a dream of many people and some are lucky enough to have to apply very little mascara because they already have a very intense and open look.
If by nature you have not received this gift, do not worry: there are many remedies to lengthen the eyelashes in a very natural, painless and fast way.

The look is a great strength that characterizes the face and determines its appearance and above all its expressiveness, framing your eyes and making them brighter. Many people are lucky enough to have long, curved and voluminous lashes without the need to do anything, while others to make them more attractive have to resort to different types of products to nourish them and make them grow.

Long and bright lashes

Discover some natural, quick and cheap remedies to get fabulous eyelashes in no time, you will see the results in no time!

The oil, a precious nectar to nourish the eyelashes

One of the most natural treatments capable of bringing benefits to the eyelashes consists inoil application. It is an extremely nourishing, strengthening and antioxidant product.

You are probably asking yourself: ok, but which oil should I use? Yes, because we know that there are various types on the market, obtained from different plants or fruits.

Then we reveal the most suitable ones to take care of your lashes and make them more robust. These are products that can also be used for the eyebrows!

Castor oil, the most used

L’castor oil is the most recommended for strengthen weakened eyelashes and make them grow stronger and healthier, as well as decidedly more lucid. It is in fact a regrowth stimulant obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Ricinus Communis, a very common plant in India.

castor oil for eyelashes

How to apply castor oil

  • Take an old mascara brush that you have previously washed and dried, or alternatively a toothbrush and apply some castor oil.
  • Spread it over all the lashes, from the roots continuing along the entire length, in a very delicate way to avoid damaging or breaking them.
  • Repeat this treatment every night before going to sleep for about twenty days, checking that you have first removed your eyelashes well by removing all residual mascara.

Coconut oil, rich in fatty acids

L’coconut oil is another cure-all for the eyelashes, as it contains a significant amount of essential fatty acids, as well as substances antioxidantti, also great for hair and eyebrows.

We recommend that you use about 5 drops every evening, massaging them slowly with your fingertips on the lashes.

Coconut oil for eyelashes

The properties of coconut oil for eyelashes

Coconut oil helps you take care of your lashes in several ways:

  • cleanses and helps eliminate impurities and dead cells;
  • makes them more voluminous and bushy;
  • creates a protective layer that helps to counteract the action of atmospheric agents.

Olive oil, the vegetable that loves the eyelashes

L’olive oil, thanks to its very dense consistency, it allows to make the stronger lashes. Also in this case we recommend that you apply it before going to sleep and leave it on all night.

Olive oil

Egg yolk, rich in proteins

The egg yolk, thanks to the presence of proteins, it helps to grow lashes quickly and giving them one stronger texture.

Applying this substance is very simple and consists of very few steps:

  • beat it in a bowl until the mixture is thick and creamy;
  • take a small amount with a cotton swab;
  • apply it directly on the lashes and leave it on for at least an hour;
  • rinse it with plenty of warm water and admire the result!

Egg yolk to apply on the eyelashes

Vaseline, the grandmother’s remedy for eyelashes

There Vaseline helps to do grow eyelashes quickly, making them even more vigorous and resistant, thus greatly reducing the risk of them breaking. It is one of those often underestimated remedies, but which instead can be very useful as well as very cheap (it is a product that we all tend to have at home and in any case it is easy to find).

Using petroleum jelly in the right way: how to do it?

The optimal solution is to always apply this product before bedtime, to let it act for several hours while keeping your eyes closed.

First of all, heat the product to make it more liquid and take a small amount without overdoing it. Use a clean mascara brush and apply it to both the top and bottom with patience to make sure it penetrates deeply.


Borotalco: go to fine lashes!

Apply the talcum powder on the lashes combined with mascara, makes them immediately stronger. First put a little mascara and immediately after a mixture with this product as ingredients together with a little talcum powder. However, we recommend that you always use the eyelash curler first, because it makes the look a lot

Baby powder to strengthen the lashes

Vitamins A, B, C, E which are good for the body and also for the eyelashes

Last but not least … A healthy diet rich in vitamins A, B, C, E is essential to keep the body and organism healthy and in shape … And eyelashes too!
We advise you to eat dried fruit (walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts), broccoli, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils).

Dried fruit

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