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Gabrielly Louise

Updated version of beloved little bags, the female shoulder bag has been increasingly successful with those who love practicality. That’s because, in addition to the sporty and urban look, the bag is a good size and stays close to the body, being great for everyday life. Discover how to use the bag and make it beautiful!

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8 shouder bags to enhance your looks

If you don’t already have a shoulder bag to call your own, don’t miss the selection below. Certainly, any of the options will match your style!

1. It can be a basic black shoulder bag

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2. Or all colorful and flashy

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3. Some relaxed models stand out

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4. While other bags are neutral and casual

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5. It is even worth betting on different materials

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6. Be a more discreet shoulder bag

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7. Or a luxury model

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8. You will find the bag that will win your heart

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The cool thing about this bag is that it goes well on different occasions: from the music festival to the walk in the park. How not to enjoy?

20 looks with shoulder bag that prove its multifunctionality

Still not sure how to use women’s shoulder bag? The photos below leave no doubt: there are many possibilities. Check out!

1. The female shoulder bag combines with several productions

Victoria Nunes

2. The coolest look

Giovanna Ferrarezi

3. Even the classic jeans and T-shirt

Gabi Brandt

4. Although the bag has a more sporty feel

Gabi Brandt

5. She looks beautiful with neat looks

Camila Rodrigues

6. Due to its size, it is great for everyday use

Roberta Salvatori

7. For trips and outings

Carol Refundini

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8. And for combinations with the face of summer

Mari Cid

9. It’s worth using a colorful look with a colorful bag

Vanessa Caxtro

10. Or all black

Rebecca Procopio

11. The bag can be the highlight of the look

Jessica Póvoa

12. And can also be used as a pouch

Dany Sena

13. Looks amazing with Carnival outfits

Katharyne Bezerra

14. Here, idea for those who love the purple and black duo

Joicy Eleiny

15. The bag with a touch of white is incredible

Dai Alves

16. There is no shortage of inspirations with a shoulder bag

Raphaela Verediano

17. For all tastes

Juliana Vidal

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18. And styles

Camila Nascimento

19. Now, just set up your look of the day

Leeh Santannah

20. And enjoy the versatility of this bag!

Ana Flavia

See how there are dozens of different ways to use a female shoulder bag? It is no accident that the item is so sought after. But, if you prefer more sophisticated models, be sure to check out these inspirations with baguette bag!

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