Learn all about the pink bubble gum trend and check out wonderful looks


Pink makeup is a trend, whether for the day or for a night out. Due to this fashion, it became common to find pink in lipsticks, eyeshadows and illuminators. The truth is that as it is a color available in different tones, it is easy to please different audiences. To get on the wave, here are beautiful ways to use pink makeup.

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28 photos of pink makeup to rock anytime

Thinking about using a flashy color like pink in makeup can be scary, but we are here to prove that there are looks to please any woman. Get ready to be enchanted by 28 inspirations!

1. Pink makeup is a good option for little girls

Suzana Leite

2. But it’s also great for those who like to dare

Lois Reuben

3. Capriche in pink lipstick


4. And bet on glitter in the eyes

Tai Candiani Make Up

5. A hot pink option to impress

Maria Eugênia Ganem

6. Light tones are pure delicacy

Marcelo Andrade

7. Perfect for trainees looking for inspiration

Taís Guerini Makeup

8. The smokey color style is great to shine at the carnival

Chiara Asinelli

9. You can’t go wrong with rose gold

Leila Rigolim Sampaio Makeup

10. Combine striking eyes with nude lipstick

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Veronica Brito

11. Beautiful false eyelashes make all the difference

Ana Veiga

12. Light pink can surprise

Ana Veiga

13. Look how pink was perfect in this make up

Veronica Brito

14. Mix pink with other colors to create a Carnival look

Joyce Portela

15. The outline gives charm to the pink shade

Laura Mello

16. And here the more discreet mouth helps to highlight the eyes

Studio Elaísa Camilo

17. Classic for those who don’t want to dare

Camila Coelho

18. Several shades of pink in the same make is also valid

Mari Maria

19. Neon is worthy of a beach party or Carnival

Mari Maria

20. Pink with black makeup never goes out of style

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Alice Salazar

21. Don’t forget to mark your skin well to enhance the make

Diro Rodrigues

22. Use your favorite pink lipstick as an eyeliner

Nicoly Checchetto

23. Pink and neon blue is a combination for those who like to shine

Pink mouth

24. Sometimes a colored eye is all you need

Marina Ruy Barbolsa

25. Pink and gold makeup is a good choice for New Year’s Eve

Thaiza Gregorato

26. The pink Tumblr make-up allows you to follow a light style


27. And it looks great with a hot pink mouth

Lucy Hale

28. Or being the makeup star!


Too much, isn’t it? And the best of all is that when in doubt, just bet on a hot pink lipstick with a more funky eye that already looks beautiful.

How to do pink makeup

Knowing 28 inspirations, it’s time to learn how to do pink makeup with tips and tutorials. Check out 6 beautiful options below:

Pink makeup with eyeliner to rock

This hot pink eye is made with just a pink shade along with light tones and a smoky wine. The final effect is done with black eyeliner and false eyelashes. Do not forget to take care of the skin to be illuminated.

Pink Joker Makeup

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Based on Gio Ewbank, this makeup is stunning and tends to please those who do not enjoy such marked eyes. The shine is soft and the end result is a charming rose gold. The eyelash mask and the vanilla glow in the inner corner of the eyes are essential.

Pink makeup nothing basic

It is difficult not to call the attention of pink make up, after all, makeup is an art made to shine. So, do not be afraid to take care of the neon and cause the next outing with friends. Finish the look with a nude lipstick or if you want it to be even more shocking, use a pink.

The easiest pink makeup in the world

This tutorial is perfect for anyone who is a beginner in the world of makeup. All details and products are specified step by step, in a way that makes it much easier. Take advantage of this make-up to use at graduations, weddings and other parties.

Cheap pink makeup

It is possible to do professional-level makeup with products that fit in your pocket. The secret is to find similar tones and make the most of talent. This option is for those who love shine combined with a thick black outline.

Pink makeup for everyday life

If you enjoy using make-up for everyday use, this is the ideal option. The eye, although shiny, is more discreet and can also be softened if you wish. Get inspired, make your routine more pink and rock from Monday to Friday.

After these inspiration options, even those who are not fans of pink will want to play in color. The best thing is that as makeup is something versatile, there are options for the most discreet or daring. And if you want to know more tips on pink makeup, check out pink eyeshadow inspirations to rock the trend.

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