Laura Escanes’ personalized necklace is from a Spanish brand that allows you to make your jewelry pieces 100% to your liking


The necklaces with initials or the letters of your name (or whatever name you choose) are all the rage. Recently we were talking about Maria Pombo personalized necklace with the name of her son Martín and now, It is Laura Escanes who has worn a letter on her neck. The letter, of course, is the R of his daughter Roma, and the necklace belongs to a Spanish brand that offers the customization of all your jewelery pieces: Customima.

Is about a Spanish company created in 2016 by Susana Fuentes with the intention of giving soul to her jewels to make them an indelible memory of the most important moments of their lives through personalization and engraving of them. In this way, they offer necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets … all kinds of jewelry that you can customize as you like to have a reminder of your special moments.

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The accessory that Laura Escanes wears is about a white gold necklace with your daughter’s name initial set with diamonds embedded. You can choose the option of 9 karat gold, which is priced at 145 euros, or 18 karat gold for 235 euros.

You can also find cheaper options like the same necklace that the influencer wears but made of silver and zircons, for 49 euros. Or you can engrave a name, a date, a drawing or a phrase, totally free to always carry it with you, both in silver and gold.

The options offered by Customima are many, adaptable to all tastes and all pockets, so you no longer have an excuse not to wear an exclusive and 100% personalized jewel.

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