Lash lift: what eyelash treatment is and how it works


The latest trend in eyelashes is the lash lift, a treatment to lift and give volume to the lashes. It is something that is actually also done with mascara or even with false eyelashes, but there are people, not just women, who decide to opt for a medium-term change in that field and then resort to the lash lift.

In addition, there are those who consider that on a bad investment mascara And Fake eyelashes, being in a certain sense disposable products (as far as mascara is concerned, we can pass it on our lashes even several times a day after removing make-up, for example).

Let’s start with one important thing: your eyelashes have absolutely nothing wrong with them. But at the same time everyone must feel free to carry out the treatment they want, as long as it is done thanks to the hands of professionals in the sector (or there is a risk of damage), especially since this is a temporary process and therefore progressively reversible if desired, and is also good for the health of the eyelashes.

Lash lift: what is it?

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The expression literally means “eyelash lift”. It is a similar process as also called permanent eyelashes or eyelash lamination: it is in fact, as Jacademy explains, an aesthetic intervention that curves the lashes in the most natural way possible, making them appear brighter and longer (but also making them healthier) through the use of lotions, which contain vitamins and other nutrients, which make the hair stronger and regenerated. Hence, therefore, also the salutary nature of the treatment.

How is the lash lift performed?

We use specific lotions, based on essential oils and above all of keratin, which nourish and regenerate the hair.

In this way, through sequential applications, the curvature that the lashes take on is completely natural, without resorting to the stress caused by the administration of heat that both permanent lamination and the occasional use of eyelash curler requires.

Lash lift and permanent lashes: differences

Lash liftSource: Pixabay

The big difference is in the heat. The lash lift makes use of nutrients, while in the permanent heat plays a big role. The TreatWell website explains the eyelash perm process in detail, which will come in handy for those who would like to try this novelty but are always a little afraid for everything related to their eye area (but in fact the lash lift appears healthier and more less demanding).

First – the website reads – the lashes are cleaned to remove excess make-up and then they are wrapped around metal rollers or mini sponge curlers. Remember: the smaller the circumference, the tighter the curve will be. Once locked in the right position, the beautician will sprinkle the lashes with a permanent lotion, using a disposable applicator. The lashes will then be covered with a plastic coating. We will then proceed to apply heat and remove the coating. This phase is repeated, but with a neutralizing solution, which is left on for 10-15 minutes. Almost finished. The final steps include removing it entirely and applying a moisturizer to soothe and refresh the eyes.

Lash lift: the costs and how long it lasts

The effects of the lash lifting, according to Jacademy, last a couple of months, following the cycle of eyelash growth. The cost is around from 60 to 80 euros for each session: to obtain the desired effect, usually 3-4 sessions are needed. From the point of view of the health of the eyelashes we have learned that the lash lift can be considered more advantageous than the permanent, while from the point of view of costs, this treatment is more convenient than the extensions on the eyelashes, which must be renewed in a decidedly way. more frequently.

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