Lady Gaga surprises us all with a change of pink look


It is true that it is quite common for Lady Gaga look change, hairstyle, even wig, very usual. However, the singer still has the ability to surprise us with some of her outfits as the last one he has shown us through Instagram.

And is that Lady Gaga has shown through her social networks to all her followers a new change of color in your mane with which he has bet on pink, a tone that continues to be a trend in the field of hairdressing.

Such, so a few days ago we saw, for example, Dua Lipa with his new and newly released look in a gold rose tone, that is, in a blond that pulls pink lightly, now Lady Gaga is launched towards a more powerful tone with an excellent result.

Is about very bold discolorations, Of course, but at the same time vibrant and fun with which to give a complete turnaround to our appearance and always betting on the latest trends.

Risky, yes, no doubt, but the result is clear.

Photos | @Lady Gaga

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