Lace dresses: history, combinations and models


Chantilly, macrame, bobbin lace And St. Gallen, the protection payment it is the embroidery that adorns the dresses with floral and foliage motifs in a delicate and refined style. This particular process enhances the craftsmanship of handmade clothes that express the beauty of the fashion of the past to be found in models that seem to come out of grandmothers’ trunks.

Declined on short, midi and long dresses or on shirts and tops, lace creates light and fresh looks, ideal for facing the sultry days of summer. In addition to an elegant style, lace is able to give a country attitude to anti-hot looks where accessories become the style detail with which to express one’s creativity.

The history of lace

Coco Chanel used to say: “I consider lace one of the most beautiful imitations of the fantasy of nature“. How to blame him, considering that it is precisely from the textures of plants and flowers that lace draws inspiration. A legend tells that a sailor brought an alga from distant seas as a gift to his beloved. The woman, wanting to preserve its beauty, replicated the design with needle and thread, thus decreeing the birth of lace.

The origin of this particular embroidery dates back to 1400 in the city of Venice where the embroiderers of the time began to create a weave in the void with skill and skill to obtain a light, precious and ornate fabric. Thus was born the so-called “punto in aire” or “Venice point” which, in its finest evolution, became the “Burano point”, from the name of the small island where this work is still carried out by hand.

Over the centuries, new techniques like that emerged bobbin lace through the use of spools and pincushions that intertwine multiple threads to create the embroidery. Initially, lace was used for altars and religious clothing. Subsequently, it became the precious decoration with which to adorn noble outfits and clothes.

Over the years, this yarn decoration entered the fashion world more and more forcefully until it flourished in numerous craft industries scattered throughout Europe that gave their names to the various laces produced in those places: Brussels lace, Valencienne lace, Chantilly lace. .

Lace dresses: types and models

Not only short, midi and long, thelace dress it takes on different declinations thanks to collars, ruffles and bustiers with a transparent effect that create a seductive see-through effect. In addition, this particular embroidered dress takes on loose and soft shapes with full skirts that can be long to the feet or stop at the height of the knees.

The trendiest models of the moment see lace dresses with cut out details, flounces fluffy and V-necklines combined with sleeves with ruffles. Let’s see the types and models to buy.

Long model

Long lace dressLong lace dress

Ideal for a beach party

Long lace dress with an elegant and refined style, ideal for an evening or a beach party. It features floral embroidery along the skirt and features wide sleeves with bohemian-style tassels.

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  • Opaque fabric
  • Inner lining

Wallet model

Wrap dress in broderie anglaise laceWrap dress in broderie anglaise lace

Ideal for every day

The broderie anglaise lace midi dress is the chic model to wear every day. It is a wrap dress with short balloon sleeves and V-neckline to combine with straw bags for the beach or round bags for the city.

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  • With slip
  • High wearability
  • Lightweight fabric

With an American neckline

Short lace dressShort lace dress

Ideal for morning and evening

The short and fitted lace dress model is the versatile model to wear from morning to night. For a day of work together with a blazer, for an aperitif with friends or a day at the beach. This style features a halter neckline and super colorful floral lace embroidery.

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How to match lace dresses

lace dressLace dress. Source:,

There summer fashion 2021 suggests playing with accessories that become the style detail with which to complete the look made up of lace dresses. An example is the outfit proposed by Dior where a long dress embroidered in lace is combined with a geometric straw bag and a colored scarf on the head. The result? A bohemian outfit to copy immediately. As for the footwear to match, go ahead to flat sandals And rubber slippers.

The lace dresses can also be worn in the chic version of suits and coordinated sets of the same color, transforming into the ideal look for a daytime ceremony. The touch of style? A colorful clutch bag and a pair of maxi transparent sunglasses.

lace dressLace shirt. Source:

Not just dresses, and not just feminine: lace can also be declined on sensual shirts that create daring transparencies. Ideal with a pair of tailored trousers with pleats or tight to the ankle and a silk scarf to tie around the neck.

The ceremonial lace dresses

lace dressLace ceremony dress. source:

According to the rules of etiquette, elegant clothes must have different lengths depending on the time of day. For a daytime ceremony, the dress must be just below the knee in the midi version. For the evening, however, it is possible to wear long dresses or at the height of the ankle.

An example? A colorful lace dress in Tiffany green, perfect for creating a summer ceremony look or a long embroidered Chantilly lace dress with thin straps to combine with jeweled sandals and a simple hairstyle like a high bun.

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