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E-girl is a term for eletronic girl or electronic girl, in Portuguese. If you are a regular user of Instagram, you have certainly seen this aesthetic accompanied by the hashtag #egirl, which has a surprising almost 2 million appearances. So, understand more about this style, get inspired with photos and learn how to join the trend.

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What is the e-girl style?


This aesthetic has urban references different from VSCO girls, which present a more basic, beachy style and good vibes. The e-girls present references of punk, grunge, gothic and also of the Japanese anime culture. The style is also considered the opposite of soft girls, which have a cuter aesthetic.

With loaded makeup, dark clothes and, almost always, using plaid or stripes prints, e-girls are very successful on the social networks Instagram and TikTok. Check out some important features to adopt the look:

  • Heavy makeup: perhaps the most important detail of this aesthetic is makeup. Some striking features are the very apparent outline, red shade or in another vibrant tone, well-lit skin and very blush. The lips are also well marked, leaving the mouth with a larger appearance, and other items, such as drawings on the face, are also part of make e-girl.
  • Colored hair: another important detail in aesthetics is the hair. Almost always these girls have colored hair in fantasy tones, which may be all or part of it. In addition, they also wear a lot of bangs or hair split in half.
  • Plaid and stripes: for having a lot of influence of punk and grunge styles, clothes with these prints are part of the wardrobe of every e-girl. Skirts, pants and plaid dresses appear a lot in aesthetics, as well as striped blouses, like the ones Kurt Cobain wore.
  • Chains: this style can be customized at home and, for this, the use of chains is very present. Chains are used in skirts, pants, shoes and as jewelry or other accessories.
  • Dark or basic style: e-girls wear dark clothes and make-ups loaded most of the time, but the style can also be more basic. Generally, they alternate between band t-shirts, in loaded looks, and jeans with a simple T-shirt and a lighter make.

This style has some striking features, but, like any aesthetic, it is also customized according to the look of each girl. So, if you want to adhere to the style, you can follow some tips, but also adapt as you like.

35 e-girl looks to inspire you to be a

Now that you know in detail what it is like to be an e-girl, how about getting inspired? Next, we selected photos of looks and makeup to help you have that aesthetic.

1. Chess is indispensable for this look

Raissa Galvão

2. Can be used in productions with more punk and grunge influence

Larissa Santos

3. You can increase with chains and accessories


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4. Chess also appears in lighter looks for the day


5. A dress is very versatile and can be used in several productions


6. Makeup and accessories make all the difference in the e-girl aesthetic


7. Red eyeshadow and well-outlined are a good option


8. As well as the blush and the skin is well lit

Melina Beauty

9. Use creativity to dare to make


10. Bet on overlays and mix of prints


11. Fishnets also always appear


12. Just like overlapping fishnet blouses

Lia Stemart

13. After all, this aesthetic uses punk, grunge and gothic elements


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14. But style also comes close to the soft girl, sometimes


15. So you can also use a more basic look


16. And make a light and light make-up to match

Misty Ide

17. The look can incorporate urban references from the skater look

Bree Gomez

18. And also anime and cosplay

Bara Doree

19. So there is a lot of freedom of creation within aesthetics

Raissa Galvão

20. This sky and angels print is very classic in the e-girl style


21. Just like cartoon images

Cheyenne Hinojosa

22. You can customize basic pieces that you have to adhere to the style


23. Overlays transform a basic look into an incredible look

Kitty Cowell

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24. Two overlapping basic blouses make all the difference in the look

Cheyenne Hinojosa

25. Chains are great for customizing clothes

I want bees

26. This aesthetic provides all the freedom to create

Where Is K8tie

27. You can dare to make


28. Creating different details


29. Can weigh in the shade and smoky


30. But a cleaner look is also possible

Elona Commerell

31. Get inspired by the common elements in this style

Where Is K8tie

32. But always give your personal touch


33. The e-girl aesthetic allows you to look freely


34. Incorporating references you find interesting


35. And rocking the look!


Did you identify with the photos? So, just put it into practice in the visual! As the e-girl style can have several references, it is important that you choose from your personal tastes.

How to be an e-girl

After getting inspired, let's go to practice. Below, we selected videos with make-up tips, looks and more information about the style. Check out!

Makeup e-girl with little heart

The makeup with little heart inspired by the singer Marina and the Diamonds is a great e-girl reference. To do it, take care of your skin, mark your eyebrows naturally, make a well-defined outline and use a lot of blush.

Light e-girl makeup without base

Generally, makeups of this style have well-worked skin, but in this case, you will only use concealer. The result is a make-up with very natural and light skin, with striking eyeliner and a lot of blush.

E-girl looks with what you have at home

You do not need to invest in new pieces to assemble your look with this style. In the video, you can check out simple tips for putting together looks with what you already have.

Demystifying the e-girl style

Finally, if you like this aesthetic, but think it can't be that way for some reason, this video can help you. The video shows tips on how to customize the style, where to buy clothes to fit your looks and answers frequently asked questions about the theme.

Did you like the tips? If you are passionate about the aesthetic that appears on social networks, come to know also the VSCO girl style.

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