Knitted cardigans and ponchos for this season


As you can see in the title of the post, today we are going to share everything about knitted cardigans and ponchos for this season, knitted cardigan step by step, fashion knitted cardigans, crochet knitted cardigans, outfits with cardigans, outfits casual with knitted cardigans, outfits with long cardigans, looks with knitted ponchos, an outfit with a black cardigan and many more ideas that you will love to wear this season.

One of the most used garments in the autumn – winter season are undoubtedly knitted cardigans, so today we share different topics that may interest you. From how to make a knitted cardigan step by step, as well as complementing your looks with this basic garment. In addition to this, we share ponchos that are another garment that can help you complement your look for when the temperatures drop.

Give a plus to your look with cardigans fabrics and ponchos for the season. Since they will not only give a special touch to your image, but these two garments will help you keep warm those cold days. These two garments are very easy to combine, since we can use them with all kinds of jeans, leggings, even with dresses or with shorts and skirts. Everything will depend on your style and your tastes.

If you are one of those who prefers to make your own clothing, you can check the first topics where you will see a step by step and some molds so that you are encouraged to make your own knitted cardigans and ponchos for this season. On the contrary, if you do not get this and you are only here for the ideas that we will share with you, take note of your favorite looks and copy them for this cold season.

Step by step knitted cardigan

We begin the post of knitted cardigans, with how to make a knitted cardigan step by step, in this section we list a simple step by step which you can follow to create your own cardigan in the color of your choice. It should be noted that this step-by-step knit cardigan is ideal for women who have basic knitting skills. If you have never done a job like this, I recommend you skip this step.

The first thing that we are going to mention to you to achieve this knitted cardigan step by step, are the materials: 500 grs of thread for a small size of cardigan, a tape measure to take measurements, a thin 6.5-millimeter crochet, scissors, Have as a reference a cardigan or a jacket that you already have of your size.

Start making your knitted cardigan step by step, measuring the cardigan you already have, I recommend you measure from shoulder to shoulder and that will be the measurement of your entire back. If you want it looser, add a few more inches in width and length to the length of your choice. I share a video for you to achieve this knitted cardigan step by step.

Fashion knitted cardigans

One topic that we cannot leave out is the options of fashionable knitted cardigans. Which 2020 offers us very varied and colorful designs. So regardless of your tastes you can find the right ones for you. The most used colors in fashion cardigans are the neutral colors or warm colors that give an autumnal air to your image.

For example, the favorite fashionable knitted cardigans of many women are black cardigans, nude cardigans, white or beige. If you want to add a touch of color to your neutral look. I recommend adding a cardigan in mustard yellow or burnt orange, it will look amazing!

The gray color is another of the favorites of the autumn – winter season, it is one more basic that you can combine with different colors of clothing. If you prefer warm colors, you can use a brown cardigan to combine it with your favorite jeans and long boots. Check out the rest of the trendy knitted cardigan options in the gallery.

Crochet cardigans

Crocheted cardigans are other options that you can consider if you like to knit and make your own garments. Because in addition to being a very economical option, you can literally make the cardigan in the colors of your choice and the right size for you. Not only that, but you could also start your own business selling these types of garments that are so popular in the cold season.

This may be the easiest method of crocheting or crocheting jackets. Woven with a thick yarn it can be finished in a weekend. The best thing is that you only have to count points in the first two laps. That makes the chances of being wrong
minimal. But as I mentioned before, you must have a little advanced knowledge of weaving. Check out the options in the gallery.

Outfits with cardigan

The outfits with knitted cardigans and ponchos for the season are one of the most popular looks of the autumn-winter season. And it is that they are a basic and light garment that we can carry everywhere that if we do not want to use it anymore, it fits perfectly in our bag. We can also create very casual and relaxed outfits with cardigans, ideal for day to day or even to be at home and see ourselves dressed up.

One of the easiest ways to achieve casual cardigan outfits is by combining them with your favorite denim jeans. In this season you can use on your feet from tennis shoes or boots of the design you prefer. Some of the shoes that we see the most with these garments are ankle boots, they can be in warm colors, you will look divine!

Casual outfits with knitted cardigans

Here we want to make a couple of suggestions for casual outfits with knitted cardigans. Since the cardigan can give a very relaxed touch to any of our looks as long as we combine it with the indicated garments. For example, you can complement any of your favorite cardigans with denim jeans in the tone you want.

You can also complement with tennis shoes to give it an even more casual touch or use them with high boots or ankle boots. I suggest that these be in colors like brown, gray or camel to give it a more casual touch. You can also complement with accessories such as belts in ad hoc colors with the boots, it will look incredible!


Looks with knitted ponchos

Another of the leading garments in this post of knitted cardigans and ponchos for the season are ponchos. That is why we decided to also add some of the best looks with knitted ponchos that usually use the same patterns of a cardigan, nothing more than that it is completely closed. The look you will get will be completely different from one with a cardigan.

It is ideal for mature women aged 40 and over, since it is a slightly more reserved garment and also if we use them in the right colors we can reinforce this sober and demure image. It looks incredible combined with jeans or with any type of pants, even dress.

Outfits with long cardigans

One of the options of knitted cardigans and ponchos for the season that I personally like the most are the following outfits with long cardigans. Since it gives a more special touch to any look. As simple as it is, we can enhance the look instantly. The color we choose for this accessory will also make a big difference. For example, long black cardigans look even elegant.

If you are one of those who prefer the basics above all in order to create different combinations, I suggest you use nude cardigans to complement those looks. If you want a sophisticated look but without wearing the typical black, I suggest you wear outfits with long gray cardigans, you will look radiant! Accessorize with tight black jeans, closed boots or sneakers.

Outfit with black cardigan

To end this incredible post on knitted cardigans, I want to share with you some outfits with a black cardigan. Where the dark color becomes the main protagonist. But being complemented with light cardigans and thin fabrics, we can use them for casual commitments but we will look very well-groomed, best of all without much effort.

The black cardigan can play a great role in everyday looks, because we can complement them with flats, tennis shoes or high boots. It all depends on your style and also on the commitment you are going to attend. I invite you to check all the options of outfits with black cardigans in the gallery so that you are inspired by the options that you like the most.

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