Katie Holmes Style – It Girl's Best Looks and Tricks


Lately, the Katie Holmes style has become a fever on the internet. After spending years away from the headlines, the actress has again become the darling of fashion. It is impossible to visit the most renowned fashion sites without coming across their name and, of course, their looks.

The Katie Holmes Style

Katie Holmes with Khaite Cashmere Bra

Since the beginning of her career in the Dawson’s Creek series (1998), Katie Holmes has printed many magazine covers and inspired women around the world. If at that time her style was more sporty and wide, today the actress occupies the post of muse of the time.

Katie Holmes Style – Torn jeans and the super trend of the moment: puffy sleeves
Cashmere Blouse Silk Skirt – Style Katie Holmes

More boldly, she prints a fashionista DNA in her rapidly viralizing productions. The secret of this is a refined look, sometimes basic with a twist, sometimes sensual and modern.

Katie Holmes Style – Stylish and unpretentious Sportswear.
Timeless basics like trench coat are indispensable for Katie Holmes.

Not forgetting her passion for jeans and classic tailoring, she invests in increasingly cool productions. Thus, their looks result in an elegant and unpretentious mix, full of sexy details, jeans, sneakers and various lengths. In other words, she is the it girl stripped that we can copy.

Combination of basic and timeless: trench coat, knit and jeans with simple wash. – Style Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes updates the classic jeans + T-shirt with gold sneakers and vintage modeling.

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The best looks of Katie Holmes

The actress uses and abuses the elegant and well cut pieces.

In recent months, Katie Holmes is a confirmed figure in row A of the most contested shows and everything she wears, quickly runs out. It all started with the Khaite cashmere bra, paired with a cardigan of the same color and material and, of course, good classic jeans. Since then, the internet has not taken her eyes off the style of the actress.

Katie Holmes with Khaite Cashmere Bra and Cardigan
The suit, trend of the time, gets delicacy with the feathers. Katie Holmes loves a surprise effect!

She recently caused a furor by reinventing a super classic with a simple styling trick. By combining the basic black dress with the powder pantyhose, she has shown that elegance is indeed timeless and can indeed gain doses of sensuality.

The most talked about basic thing lately – Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes combines loose dress with boyfriend leisure. Stripped in measure!

Finally, the "secret" of Katie Holmes' sudden success of looks is a simple formula that can be adapted to any reality. Notice how, at no time, does it move away from your personality, even when you venture into bolder tendencies.

Another look by Katie Holmes with ripped jeans and stylish shirt. Infallible mix, right?
The elegant look is modern with the square heel mule.

In this way, Katie proves that self-awareness is the best styling trick. And it is available to all.

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