Jennifer Aniston’s iconic 90s dress (in the season’s color) on Friends has a copy that can be yours right now


If there is a phenomenon of the
pop culture what did he mark?
90s women style, that was the series
Friends. The looks of the characters of Rachel, Monica and Phoebe perfectly represented the personality of these girls, as well as the trends of the time. Plus, they were super wearable, making them easily replicable on a daily basis. Thanks to this role,
Jennifer Aniston he ran as one of the most influential icons of the 90s. Everything was fine! Being
Rachel Green a fashion fanatic, her choices were always correct and her wardrobe evolution was maturing with her. From daddy’s posh girl naive aesthetic to carefree New York spirit to chic and glamorous
minimalist woman what it became.

Many of these styles have left their mark on the collective imagination of fashionistas, resorting to them from time to time as
source of inspiration. But, possibly none have scored as much as that
mint green dress, with wide straps, square neckline and side slit. This garment combines
sophistication, a tad of
sensuality and the color of the season (green). Rachel elevated the formality of the dress by adding a matching jacket, in the same fabric and tone, so popular in the nineties. We see it clearly: it is a 10. Although the character of Aniston took a little longer to decide on him.


Green, a style guide to bring the most desired color

The truth is that the chapter where he appears with this look is about a situation with which we all feel identified, especially when it comes to
dress for important events. The episode, “Where No One’s Ready” from the third season of
Friends, tells how Ross gathers the rest to go to a special event in his Museum and his frustration at seeing that each one is immersed in his world, especially Rachel, who
is unable to decide on her outfit and, faced with Ross’s reprimand, he goes out in his pajamas to decide not to go. In the end he apologizes and convinces her, making her spectacular exit from the room in this dress.

The garment, which is already part of fashion history, is now at our disposal, because the brand
Whistles has taken one
identical copy. The new version is intended as
guest dress or
Bridesmaid, although this
replica of Jennifer Aniston’s 1996 costume it works for any other occasion, depending on how it is styled. Without a doubt, it is a great option for the wedding season that has just begun. But, if you dare, you can even wear it with some retro sneakers, to
daily looks, or with slingback sandals, to the beat of the
90s trends, so in vogue.

mint green dress It has a fitted silhouette that does not oppress and flatters everyone and, on the back, the straps cross in accordance with the current fashion rule (the only thing that differs from Rachel’s). Its price? 259 euros. Considering that the design belongs to her guest line, it’s not bad. Of course, if you are a fan of the series and Aniston’s style, or you like to collect
iconic garments, run for him, because this opportunity you will not have again. In fact, it has caused such a stir that
is about to run out and we do not know if they will replace it again.

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