Jade roller: how to use it and the benefits


Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the jade roller is the beauty tool with which to enrich the beauty routine. It is said that its daily use benefits the skin of the face and body, thanks to its massaging and revitalizing action. The jade roller, also called jade roller, is a tool that has been used for some time by Asian women who use it daily as a beauty ally due to the lifting effect it leaves on the face.

An effect made possible by the facial massage performed using the two heads (pink or green depending on the stone with which it is made) that make up the roller. The massage that the jade roller performs on the skin is inspired by the Chinese medicine technique of Gua Sha according to which the use of stones (such as jade or the quartz) to “roll” on the skin stimulate blood microcirculation, relaxing wrinkles and facial features.

From Instagram influencers to celebrities, the jade roller seems to have become the must-have tool to use on a daily basis in our beauty routine. But is it really the stone of beauty for our skin?

What is the jade roller?

jade rollerJade roller. Source: Rullodigiada.com

The jade roller is a cosmetic product consisting of a handle that acts as a handle with one or two rotating ends composed of jade stone. It is a hard stone with low heat conduction and therefore remains cold even during friction on the face.

According to the holistic philosophy and the energetic power attributed to stones, jade heals, protects and stimulates healing.

In the cosmetic field, the jade roller is a valid tool with which revitalize the skin thanks to its massaging action and with which to spread creams and serums on the skin more easily. In this way, the products are better absorbed by the skin for a greater moisturizing action. In short, a tool that brings with it advantages and benefits aimed at improving the skin appearance.

Jade roller: how to use it?

jade rollerHow to use the jade roller. Source: rullodigiada.com

The constant and daily use of the jade roller is one of the fundamental rules to follow to obtain the maximum benefits on the skin. First, you have to wash and clean your face and proceed toapplication of moisturizer or serum. Subsequently, you can roll the jade roller on the skin by making light movements from the bottom upwards, insisting 3-5 times on every part of the face.

To do this, it is useful to know that this instrument is usually equipped with two jade heads of different sizes: the smaller one is suitable for the more delicate areas such as the eye contour, the larger one for larger areas such as the neck, cheeks and forehead. .

Here’s how to go about using the jade roller correctly.

  1. Neck. Begin the massage from the neck, opening the circulation channels through which to obtain a better stimulation of the blood flow. Place the roller in the lower part of the neck and roll it up, starting from the sides and then moving to the area under the jaw.
  2. Cheeks. Position the roller at the height of the cheeks, starting from the center and rolling it outwards with movements always performed in the same direction.
  3. Eyes. The eye contour is one of the most delicate areas of the face where the skin tends to thin, causing small wrinkles to appear. In this case, use the jade roller with the smallest head size, massaging the skin with gentle, circular movements. Start massaging from the inside of the eye to the outer area, moving up towards the temples.
  4. Front. On the forehead, the jade roller can be rolled in two different directions: the first will continue vertically from the eyebrows towards the hairline; the second must be done horizontally, starting from the inside of the eyebrows outwards (the temples).

The benefits of the jade roller

Before talking about the benefits of the jade roller, it is necessary to clarify that it is not a healing tool that solves skin problems (such as wrinkles). In fact, the jade roller is simply a cosmetic product that helps take care of your skin while bringing some beneficial effects with it.

The first of all is that the movements made on the skin, which act as a massage, favor the drainage and the lymphatic movement. It also acts actively to stimulate the blood circulation, reducing toxins and making the more luminous and toned skin. The jade roller is also capable of playing asoothing action on irritated or sunburned skin, thus reducing redness and burns very common in the summer season, thanks to the cold effect of the stone.

The third benefit is that of improve skin elasticity (but does not make existing wrinkles disappear) through a constant massage which also stimulates the production of collagen, slowing the appearance of fine lines. Finally, the jade roller can also act as a valid anti-stress if passed along the whole body, as it relaxes the muscles.

Limitations and contraindications to the jade roller

jade rollerJade roller. Source: rullodigiada.com

A simple tool to use but which must comply with some recommendations. Such as avoiding prolonged use in terms of time. In fact the jade roller can be rolled on the skin for no more than 5 minutes thus avoiding the appearance of redness or making the skin extremely sensitive.

Although there are no particular contraindications, one possible collateral effect it could be to make it appear on the skin spots and reddened areas due to capillary fragility. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid its use in case of infections and skin lesions.

Jade roller – the best to buy

Not only in perfumery: the jade roller can be purchased online and on the various e-commerce, receiving it at home in a short time. Here are the best ones to buy.

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