It’s easy to put on eyeliner if you know how to do it


Once you have learned the method, you will never forget it. And the hand becomes firmer than you expect. Read here to find out our tricks to apply eyeliner quickly and easily

Thin, thick, elongated, cat woman-like lines, graphics: whatever effect you create of a result, you can be sure: eyeliner gives intensity, definition and mystery to the look. If you think it is a product suitable only for makeup experts like a PRO, you are wrong! Here is a small guide to find the line … straight, and best suited to enhance your eye.

How to put on liquid eyeliner

Before applying the eyeliner, make the eyelid skin even with an eye primer. Immediately after, apply a veil of translucent powder or light eyeshadow. For a 70s effect, choose lilac or light blue, which will stand out with the thick line of eyeliner.

A method to avoid making mistakes? In front of the mirror, rest your elbow on a shelf and with your finger pull the eyelid outwards. Start from the outer corner and, working inwards, draw a line along the three-quarters of the eyelid. Keep as close to the lashes as possible.

With your eye open and your hand as steady as you can, draw a line from the inside to the outside corner, so that this stroke joins the one drawn previously, creating a smooth and continuous curve.

End with a graphic touch upwards in the outer corner. With the tip of the brush, extend the line so that it goes just beyond the corner of the eye and curves upward. Gradually increase this tip to get the shape you want.

Avoid using liquid eyeliner along your lower lashes. In addition to being very difficult to apply in this spot (an unsteady stretch is almost certain), it could leak due to tearing.

How to put cream eyeliner

Cream eyeliner o gel comes in a jar, it is a formula optimized for do not stain the eyelid and limit the margin of error during application.

To be precise, it is important to choose the right brush: it must not be too “mobile”. It is better to use a slightly stiff brush, more suitable to allow a more precise and firm hand. The technique of applying cream eyeliner is the same as for liquid eyeliner. Look at the IG @dmbeauty card to memorize it!

The eyeliner brushes

There are different types of brushes for eyeliner, here are the most comfortable:

  • triangular a thin tip, such as to allow a linear and precise line;
  • with trapezoid shape, cut on the bias like eyebrow brushes;
  • composed of dense bristles cut horizontally: the latter type of brush does not allow great precision, but is more suitable for intense and almost cinematic effects.
  • classic brush with a thin and fine tail.

The eyeliner between eyelashes: a simple simple method

The secret to easy eyeliner application is to apply it in an inter-eyelash way. How you do it? With a light hand, create lots of dots on the lash line. And then, always with a light hand, join the dots in an imaginary line made up of several dashes. The final effect is natural, discreet but at the same time great depth. This technique becomes more precise if you use the brush and gel eyeliner.

The technique of inter-eyelash application it can be used with all colors of eyeliner, from black to brown, through pop and lively tones. Compared to the pencil, it has a sharper and more saturated effect, and lasts longer: this is why it is chosen above all in the summer make-up.

Tips for putting on eyeliner in an easy way

A method to draw a precise line of eyeliner? Help you with one eye pencil: before applying the liquid product, contour the eye with a fine line, very adherent to the lashes. You will thus suggest the “right course” to the next application. It is important, however, that the pencil is well tempered and not too soft.

Another method to facilitate the eyeliner operation is apply mascara first: by making the lashes thicker, it is as if it creates a “support” that directs the liner line better.

Also know that the diversity of effects – from natural to cinematic – is given by hand pressure. The heavier it is, the thicker the stroke will be, and vice versa.

Finally, keep cotton swabs and micellar water handy – so you can remove any smudges before the eyeliner has time to dry on the skin.

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