It's amazing how good the new dark Instagram mode is: so you can get it


This is definitely the year of the dark mode or "dark mode". If you have not yet heard of it, it is a function that changes the wallpaper, in operating systems and applications, from white to black. This serves both for take care of our sight, how to save battery. Something that, added to the aesthetic taste, has turned it into a trend.

Applications as popular as YouTube, Facebook Messenger and Twitter for months that have their black versions and, of course, also Instagram. If you have a mobile phone with iOS 13 or Android 10 you can check with your own eyes how good it is and how does it stand out Other colors, above all, the blank text, the circle in purple tones that warns us of the publication of new stories and the blue buttons.

You are very likely to love it, unless you are one of those who add them white frames, of course … Even so, any excuse is good to take care of your eyes and save some battery life.

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The main difference with the dark mode that other apps apply is that, on Instagram, it completely depends on the operating system. It is not activated from the application itself but through the mobile configuration and cannot be used independently.

That is, to enjoy the dark mode from the social network we have to activate this format throughout the operating system. Similarly, once we turn it off on the phone's control panel, it is also disabled on Instagram.

So you can activate it as you have iOS or Android. In both cases, it is very simple:


Search your phone for "Settings" and access. Then, select in the "Display" menu. Once inside, you just have to activate the "Night Mode" tab.

Dark mode

Now you just have to open Instagram and check how the interface stains itself black.

Screenshot 20191009 132051 Instagram


The way to activate it for iPhone users is very, very similar. In the Settings menu, we enter "Screen and brightness" and select "Dark" instead of "Claro".

Img 7912

In addition, we remind you that in both operating system there is the option of night mode activate and deactivate automatically With the sunrise and sunset. This is ideal because, in a place with a lot of light, the night effect can be counterproductive and make it difficult to use the mobile. After all, this mode was designed for environments with poor lighting.

Photos | Tezza Instagram.

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