It is said, it is said that this is Queen Letizia’s favorite ring because she always wears it (and we know where to get it)


It does not matter if you wear a super trend summer look featuring a ruffled blouse and wedge espadrilles to go to the Student Residence and meet with your Board of Trustees, or if you wear an impressive dress made in Spain that is sweeping among the influencers to the Mariano de Cavia, Luca de Tena and Mingote Awards that ABC awards each year. There are two details to which the
Queen Letizia she never resigns at every public appearance, be it a more casual event or a gala dinner. The first, your favorite luxury perfume. And the second, a
designer ring that he always wears and whom he has special affection for a compelling reason.

For two years now we have seen Doña Letizia wear this accessory that really combines perfectly with all kinds of styles. And that’s one of the reasons this gem is never removed. But the truth is that it is not the main one. It is said, it is commented, that his daughters,
Princess Eleanor and Infanta Sofía, they were saving for months to give him this ring designed by
Karem hallam which is still available on the firm’s website. They do not lack good taste …

Since then, numerous made in Spain firms have copied this
oval ring of silver bathed in gold that costs
114 euros and that can also be ordered in solid gold. It is an ideal jewel to wear daily and is made by hand. Over the years, the piece has been modified in different sizes to see how it used to be worn on the ring finger and now on the index finger of the left hand. But what we like the most is that it is a more affordable and wearable design next to the luxury jewelry that it owns.


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Also, with the multiple appearances of this ring on camera, there was much speculation about what could happen to his
married alliance. But everything indicates that he simply stopped wearing it because it bothered him in official greetings.

A classic ring that he has set aside in his imposing jewelry box where we can find jewels such as the Flor de Lis tiara, emblem of the Bourbon dynasty, the twin Cartier bracelets or the pearl necklace, one of the oldest jewels that the Royal family.

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