Invisible make-up: which palette is right for you?


To create an invisible make-up that makes your face look radiant, but at the same time natural, two palettes are enough: one for the face and one for the body. Here’s how to choose them based on the result you want to achieve.

If in winter the make-up often embraces dark shades and stands out with bold and graphic strokes, in summer everything softens. The mat formulas of foundation and lipsticks give way to light and fresh compositions. To confirm this evolution, also the tendence of the moment, or the invisible make-up.

What is invisible make-up

Also defined nude makeup, invisible make-up, the word itself says, is what it is it is there but you can’t see it, which does not seem to exist but which is actually very present.

To make it happen you don’t need a lot of products, but the necessary ones must be used quite precisely to ensure that, while playing hide and seek, they produce the desired effect and make the most of your strengths.

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The products that cannot be missing

The indispensable to replicate the invisible make-up on your face they are enclosed in one palette, or at most two. The important thing is that it contains land, blush, illuminating and some eyeshadows in neutral shades. The most large and complete have all these products in one solution.

If your intention is to always wear makeup at home, these represent the ideal solution, if instead you are planning to pass thesummer at the sea or often go crazy weekend out of town with friends, better opt for two small scoops: one with everything you need to make up your face, the other to extend your make-up invisible to the eyes.

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Don’t forget the mascara

Everything else can safely be left in the beauty, with the exception of mascara, jolly essential for any look, even for the most natural.

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Palette for an invisible make-up: how to choose them

When it comes to palette, almost always opens up a range of opportunities that can also send haywire make up addicted more irreducible. In fact, there are so many solutions on the market that being able to find your way around is not easy.

In this case, if you want to make an invisible make-up, the multi-colored palettes dedicated to the eyes that go crazy all over the place in the summer are not right for you, proceed further. But the question you have to ask yourself is: I want my face to send back abright image and sparkling or I prefer a result opaque?

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Super glow invisible makeup palette

If the thing you love the most is to shine you have to head for palettes they have iridescent or metallic pigments.

Face palette

Any make-up look starts from the base and the nude one is no exception. To achieve a natural effect, lightly apply a BB cream glow all over the skin.

Once perfectly dried, switch to powders. Face palettes usually consist of three products: bronzer, highlighter and blush. To recreate an invisible make-up you will all need so be careful to choose a complete one.

Earth and illuminating

If you want to do a light contouring get some of land that it also has inside sparkling pigments and spread it with a foundation brush in the strategic areas, necessary to create shadows that is the lower part of the cheeks and the sides of the nose.

At this point, take a brush smaller and accentuates cheekbones is tip of the nose With the’illuminating. If you like the effect you can add some too over cupid’s bow.

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To complete the base, only the blush, better if rosé. Take some with a large, round brush and pat it on the cheeks to accentuate them and create a Bonne mine effect.

Eye palette

After finishing the base, move on to the eyes, which in invisible make-up you only have to slightly accentuate, without exaggerating.

The palette suitable for this purpose certainly has color inside butter, to be spread evenly all over the mobile eyelid. Make sure a shade is also present metallic champagne, with which to create a small light point in the inner corner of the eye, near the nose, and under the browbone. These tricks will bring attention to these points and make the gaze even brighter.

The extra tip? Take it land and, with a thin, flat brush, apply some in the crease of the eye, in order to create a slight shadow that gives depth to the look.

At this point, go for mascara and you are ready to go out.

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Invisible matte makeup palette

If you don’t particularly like the glow effect, there are also many neutral color palette similar to those described so far, but devoid of sparkling specks.

Face palette

In this case, the products you need to make sure are not missing are alone earth and blush.

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With the blush as well as with the earth, to be chosen matte and non-glossy, you can replicate the previous steps. The only difference is the absence of illuminant.

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Eye palette

Choose one that has a butter or a light dove gray, both opaque, to be spread all over the mobile eyelid, and a shade of light brown, always mat, to be applied to the outer corner of the eye. This will give the look three-dimensionality, without having to resort to bright pigments or glitter.

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