Invisible make-up: what do you need to make it happen?


Invisible make-up is one of the 2021 trends and allows you to enhance the complexion making it bright, smooth and fresh in a few steps and with a few products. Find out how to make it: it’s very simple, but its beauty will amaze you!

Nude makeup is one of the trends of this spring-summer 2021. To make it is very simple, because it requires very few products, but the result is truly surprising because it allows you to enhance the complexion, eyelashes and lips. Using the right cosmetics also allows you to make your face extremely radiant, but in a very natural way. Let’s leave aside covering and heavy foundations, lands of tones much darker than our complexion and let’s get ready for light and fast make-up!

First step for a natural base

A natural make-up consists first of all of one super bright and glamorous base, capable of highlighting the peculiarities of the face and only necessary to correct small defects and discolorations.

The goal is to have a shiny and soft skin thanks to a few simple steps.

  • First of all cleanse your face well and then hydrate it with a cream suitable for your skin: this product should be chosen carefully based on your characteristics.
  • If you want to limit the use of cosmetics as much as possible, apply a corrector around the eyes and on imperfections, leaving the rest of the skin clean.
  • On the other hand, in case you don’t want to give up the foundation, apply one with a very light and almost imperceptible texture that gives an effect “second skin”To your complexion and that it is possibly long lasting. This way you won’t need to touch up throughout the day and add layers of product to your face.

invisible make-up

Please note: instead of foundation you can apply a BB cream in the color of your complexion. Always remember to check for SPF to protect your skin from the sun, even in winter! In addition to representing a factor of protection against dermatological diseases (and not only), it allows you to avoid the appearance of very little aesthetic spots.

Primer yes, primer no?

Cross and delight of make-up lovers is undoubtedly the primer. This product is often demonized because it is known as a cosmetic rich in silicones, very dense and which clogs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing. But is it really so? In reality, especially in recent years, the alternatives on the market to the classic very heavy primers have multiplied and therefore the choice available has become enormous. Nowadays there are many light and moisturizing versions on the market to prepare the face for make-up, creating a smoothing effect and allowing the foundation to adhere well and last all day.

girl applying the primer

How to apply the primer to create an invisible make-up

If you apply a illuminating primer or from action moisturizing, you can apply it with a brush or even directly With the hands. The formulas smoothing, although in recent years they have become increasingly light and imperceptible, they are still more mellow than the two just mentioned. Therefore you must tap them on the skin making sure they are well absorbed.

In any case, the primer should be applied after the moisturizer and before the foundation. It can also be mixed with this product if it is liquid enough.

Romantic blushes for invisible make-up that… Does not go unnoticed!

To give a touch of color to the cheeks and create an invisible, but extremely bright make-up, opt for a blush in the tones of rose or of fishing. These shades are perfect for making the complexion bright and colorful, without giving the impression of excessively artificial make-up.

girl applying blush

To create an irresistible glowy effect on the cheeks, we recommend you try the cream blush. They are increasingly widespread on the market and have the power to be modular, shiny, but always remaining delicate.

Password: brightness

For a self-respecting invisible but sparkling make-up, you can’t miss the highlighter!

This product is the number one ally for a base with a clean, fresh and radiant effect, able to enhance the shapes of your face in a natural way. Apply the product on the temples, cheekbones and cupid’s bow to create play of light sensational.

girl made up in a natural way

A delicate but intense look

Invisible make-up, but mascara in the foreground

For an invisible make-up, but with an irresistible look, they cannot be missing very long eyelashes, curves is with an intense color. Use the eyelash curler first and then pass the mascara with patience and precision. In fact, remember that this product should not be applied quickly, but rather you must insist for at least a minute to open the lashes well.

mascara on invisible make-up

Light eyeshadows and delicate shades

As for theeyeshadow, we advise you to choose shades neutral and clear. Leave the strong and bright colors in the beauty case, and avoid black and smokey eyes.

Apply the product all over the eyelid with the brush or, if it is cream, with your finger, in order to obtain a full and uniform effect.

light eyeshadow

Lips undisputed protagonists

Make-up – no make-up includes very few products, but leaves room for brighter colors is funny on lips! A wide range of colors is therefore at your disposal, from red to pink. To bring out your tan, then, you can opt for a bright orange that will make your face shine.

girl with red lipstick

If you prefer to keep a simple style, you can choose some nude shades that lightly tint the lips making them stand out with extreme delicacy. Alternatively, you can apply a rosy gloss or slightly red, or a lip balm nutritious!

eyes with invisible make-up

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