Invisible make-up: the secrets to being on top, of course


Fresh, essential, practically invisible. There are no more secrets for lovers of minimal makeup and a nature effect. Here’s how to make a perfect invisible make-up. To always be on top with a super natural face.

There are those who love to enhance their face with a strong make-up and those who prefer a more natural beauty look, practically without makeup (or almost). A invisible make-up, therefore, effective but not invasive at all. To give your face a touch of radiance and freshness with a very light nude make-up, essential but of great effect.

One way to enhance your features, covering some undesirable small imperfections (such as redness, small pimples or dark circles), but without giving up the“no make up” effect that so much like. Highlighting the strengths of your face with flawless, eye-proof invisible makeup. Here, then, how to achieve it to always be at the top in the most natural way possible.

First step: cleansing

To guarantee a truly perfect invisible make-up it is necessary start from the basics, or rather by cleansing the skin. Precisely because it is “natural”, in fact, this type of makeup requires the skin to be perfectly clean and free from impurities. In addition to being well hydrated and elastic.

That is why, before anything else, it is good cleanse the skin well with skincare targeted to your skin type, to be performed morning and evening (even if you have not used make up). To do it correctly, just:

  • clean your face carefully with a specific product for your skin type;
  • apply a tonic;
  • moisturize the skin with a cream adapted to your needs, light and that lets the skin breathe.

Obviously by performing some masks and scrubs on a regular basis, to cleanse and nourish the face in a deeper way.

Prepare the base of invisible make-up

Although once completed, the invisible make-up guarantees you a super natural look and practically imperceptible make-up, it does not mean that this is not there or that it is put at random. Indeed, it is exactly the opposite.

Even the models who always appear perfect in photo shoots but without the shadow of make-up, in fact, they hide their secrets. And usually it is the skilled hands of a make up artist and gods right products (used in the right way).

The first thing to do to create flawless invisible make-up, therefore, is to prepare the base, with foundation and concealer.


For the foundation it is good to opt for some light nuances that do not weigh down the complexion but are able to homogenize both the color and the texture of the skin (therefore heavy or overly opaque foundations are prohibited). To get a smooth and uniform face. The BB cream formulations are also perfect, moisturizing and slightly pigmented, which do not weigh down the face and let the skin breathe.

Make up foundation


Once you’ve applied the foundation it’s time to move on to the concealer. For eliminate any small imperfections you want to cover. To do this, it is important to use products of different consistencies and shades, depending on the area on which to intervene and the complexion.

For example, for the eyes, it is better to opt for a cream concealer, to give the area greater brightness and homogeneity. For a super natural effect.

Invisible make-up: blush

Although it is an invisible make-up, blush must never be missing. After all, our cheeks are naturally more rosy than the rest of the face. The important thing is to opt for light nuances, in shades from pink to brown, avoiding the overly strong ones. And remembering not to use too much product.

To get a perfect invisible make-up is enough lightly pass the brush, without repetitions, for a fresh and “clean” effect. Opting for both powder and cream formulations, as you wish.

Invisible make up blush

Invisible make-up, focus on the eyes

And for the eyes? Obviously, there is the right invisible make-up for them too (and it’s much more detailed than you might think).


First of all, in fact, the eyebrows are defined, very important for “widening” the gaze. Going to fill in any “spaces” with a pencil or brush and adjusting them with a special comb (it goes without saying that the eyebrows must be of color as similar as possible to that of the hair and a harmonious shape with your face).


As for the rest of the face, the color of the eyelids must also be as homogeneous as possible, eliminating any capillaries or spots with the use of a concealer and only after that proceed with the eyeshadow.

An essential element for an invisible make-up always at the top. To choose from light shades, in beige or cream colors, perhaps blending everything with slightly darker shades. To give a super natural shading effect.

Invisible make up eyeshadow

Specifically, depending on the color of your eyes, you can opt for:

  • a total nude look for those who have Brown eyes, using two shades of eyeshadow, one lighter and one slightly darker;
  • nuances similar to butter for the eyelid and closer to brown for the crease of the eye, for those who have them greens;
  • tones light and brown nudes for those who own very dark eyes, almost black;
  • eyeshadow butter or very light peach and a drizzle of eyeliner for those who have light eyes.

Invisible eye make up

Invisible make up: matita yes or no?

Even for invisible make-up, in fact, it is possible to use an eyeliner thread or pencil, obviously not black. But preferring colors like brown, to be applied only in the inner parts of the eye. Without marking too much but always remaining faithful to the total invisible mood of your make-up.

Invisible make up pencil

Lipstick? Yes but “invisible”

And finally, for a truly amazing invisible make-up, lips cannot be missing. The first thing to do, as for the face, is to prepare them for makeup, moisturizing them with cocoa butter or lip balm.

A step that can also put an end to your invisible make-up, or not. For those who do not want to give up lipstick, in fact, it is good define the contour of the lips with a pencil of the same color as your skin, neutral.

Invisible mouth make up

Then opting for a nude or pink lipstick. And obviously avoiding colors that are too strong or extravagant (which have nothing to do with the concept of natural) and bright or shiny products.

Always remembering that the best way to look as natural as possible is to stay that way. Acting only where strictly necessary e always without ever exaggerating. For an always amazing, fresh and above all authentic look.

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