Invisible make-up, 10 enchanting examples to follow


One of the trends of this season is invisible make-up, that is, that very light and natural make-up that enhances the beauty of the complexion. How to create it? Discover our 10 tips to create a no-make-up make-up with very few products!

The invisible make-up really an evergreen: it is suitable for any season and occasion and requires the use of very few products. THE spotlights are aimed atincarnate, illuminated by the right products that lightly highlight the peculiarities of the face. You can be a little more daring with mascara (and possibly eyeliner), but especially with lipsticks.

These very light tricks on the face are usually combined with intense colors for the lips, obviously chosen according to the complexion.

There are so many looks that you can create with invisible make-up and are also very popular on celebrities at gala events. At the last Venice Film Festival, for example, the beautiful and very young Spanish actress Ester Expósito showed off on the red carpet a wonderful white dress combined with a super simple make-up that enhanced the features of her sweet and sensual face even more!

Ester Exposito on the red carpet

So let’s see a roundup of ideas to highlight radiant skin and proudly show a healthy and natural look!

Don’t give up on the highlighter: let’s shine!

Invisible make-up is absolutely not synonymous with dull and dull skin. Indeed, the idea of ​​this trick is precisely to render the brilliant complexion and silky skin.

So start with the basics. Apply a good moisturizer taking into account the characteristics of your skin and cover imperfections with a concealer only in the affected areas and around the eyes, perhaps lightening the area slightly.

face highlighter for invisible make-up

Now move on to applying the highlighter on the cheekbones, browbone, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. If you don’t want to look like a disco ball, select a little product and spread it well with a special brush.

Green light to blush for a bonne minne effect

The expression “bonne minne”Comes from“ avoir une bonne mine ”, meaning“ to look good ”. It refers to the French ladies of the 1700s who when they colored their cheeks with del blush pink lit to be more attractive and bright. Here, we advise you to focus on this product if you want a clean make-up, but at the same time a face with a romantic and healthy complexion … But pay attention to the Heidi effect!

blush on the cheeks

Eyeliner for an invisible make-up with a cat’s look

If you want to use very few products to make up your face, but don’t want to give up one sensual and elegant style, L’black eyeliner is what it is for you.

girl with invisible make-up and black eyeliner

How to apply black eyeliner with invisible make-up

In order not to weigh down your eyes when you want to use black eyeliner to complete an invisible make-up, we recommend that you do a tail not very long and to apply very little mascara underneath. In this way you will get a feline, but at the same time delicate look.

The power of the XXL look

If you want to add intensity to your gaze without wearing too much makeup and showing an artificial look, you can focus on using a good mascara. Combine it with a curling and lengthening primer and go, insisting with the brush to open the lashes well and make them black and full.

Eyeshadows of the colors of the earth

The perfect colors to lightly color the eyelids while maintaining an almost invisible make-up, are champagne, the beige, the light brown, the dove gray. Or, if the romantic soul is part of you, you can opt for pink or orange nuances. Choose products with a high pigmentation and spread them directly with your fingers: they will amaze you!

brown eyeshadow

Glossy gloss for an invisible but sparkling make-up

The gloss goes perfectly with make-up – not make-up. This way, you can leave your lips their natural color, adding just one touch of clarity and brilliance that makes a difference. If, on the other hand, you also want a lively touch for your mouth, you can choose a red or pink lip gloss, which once worn will look very delicate.

lip gloss

Thick eyebrows with a disheveled effect

The eyebrows they define the look very much, framing it. You must therefore define their shape in such a way that they are harmonious with your features.

The 2021 trend is that of soap brows, the technique that makes the eyebrow arch thicker and fuller.

How to make soap brows by combining them with invisible make-up

Select a clear bar of soap and give it a brush of used mascara that has been thoroughly cleaned before. Then pass the product carefully over the eyebrows, following a bottom-up movement. The effect will be amazing and will last a long time!

Bronzer mon amour

The bronzer is often associated with the concept of tanning, however it can also allow you to simply give a touch of color to your face in a very natural.
You can use it to sculpt the face with plays of light and shadow through contouring, or spread it over the entire complexion to give it a healthy and warm look. Just be careful not to create that annoying gap between the neck and face that is absolutely unpleasant to see!

Girl with bronzer and invisible make up

Look illuminated with white pencil

An invisible make-up that will really blow your mind is what you can achieve with a very simple base and one white pencil in the lower rhyme eye.
In fact, its power is to create gods bright spots irresistible, as well as lifting and widening the eye. This “non-color” allows you to combine the pencil with any eyeshadow, even if, as mentioned before, for a self-respecting no-make-up it is better to opt for neutral shades!

invisible make-up with white pencil

Invisible make-up and focus on the lips

Invisible make-up admits bright colors on the lips. If you want an irresistible mouth combined with a simple, clean and light makeup, you can create a simple face base, apply a light eyeshadow or even just a little mascara on the eyes, and go wild with lipstick. Just be careful to choose the colors that best suit your undertone!

girl with red lipstick

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