Invisible bra: types, models and washing


Elegant clothes, such as formal dresses or those for the most special occasions, can no longer do without them. Since when the invisible (or transparent) bra appeared on the market, in no time he established himself as one of the fundamental pieces of the female wardrobe.

Available in infinite variations, from bandeau models to the more classic bra with invisible straps, and then moving on to the innovative adhesive cups, this piece has conquered and continues to conquer many fans thanks to its versatility and as a perfect solution for many occasions.

Invisible bra: types and models

In the last few years the invisible bra has positioned itself among the essentials of the female wardrobe. The types available on the market are endless, and for you we have selected the most loved and appreciated models. However, there is a very important premise to do: before proceeding with the purchase of this type of bra, you need to pay attention to some small tips.

  • If your skin is particularly sensitive and easily irritated, do a test on the inside of the arm. This point is great for monitoring any skin irritation;
  • Before wearing any type of invisible bra, from silicone cups to models with adhesive, the application of creams or other particular products in the affected area is strongly discouraged: you may find it difficult to wear it;
  • In case of excessive sweating, models with adhesive may peel off.

The most classic model, with transparent straps

Vivisence invisible push-up bra with transparent straps

Vivisence invisible push-up bra with transparent straps

The push-up bra with transparent straps by Vivisence is perfect for showing off with dresses or blouses with an open back. Available in beige, white and black, the straps of this model are adjustable, as well as the back: the lacing is placed in the center of the cups, instead of on the back.

€ 29 on Amazon


  • Available in three different colors: beige, black and white
  • The straps are adjustable and transparent, as is the back
  • The lacing is in the center, in front


  • Before purchasing, consult the size chart

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Bras with band and support: deep neckline and central cup

invisible bra Invisible bra, models with deep neckline and without back lacing. Source: asos

It is a strapless bra, ideal for showing off under garments and dresses that have the shoulders or shoulder blade area uncovered. ASOS Design offers a deep-neck bra perfect for that dress that you never get to wear because of its plunging front neckline! Made in the flesh tone, it is equipped with molded and underwire cups, while on the side it has two adhesive side tabs, to fix and support the structure.

Fashion Forms, on the other hand, proposes “Ultralite”, a strapless model and with completely uncovered back. With the adhesive inside, the cups are padded and have the support of the underwire, while the closure is reversed: instead of being on the back, it is placed on the front.

Yuemion invisible strapless and push up bra

Yuemion invisible strapless and push up bra

Yuemion’s invisible bandeau and strapless bra is one of the most loved and purchased models. It leaves the back uncovered thanks to the central lacing, where you can adjust the push-up effect of the bra using two small laces. Adhesive, resists and supports the breasts well even during the hottest days.

€ 9 on Amazon


  • Available both in the black version and in the more neutral nude version
  • The central loops of the two cups allow you to widen or narrow the bra to choose a more or less intense push-up effect
  • Excellent adhesion and resistance of the adhesive even during the hottest days


  • As it is adhesive, you will have to be very careful when removing it
  • Compared to the classic bra cup, it is advisable to purchase an extra size: the fit is right, it tends slightly to the small

Nipple covers: cups or adhesive

invisible braNipple covers in silicone or with adhesive. Source: asos

The silicone cups, to be applied directly on the breast, are certainly the most common and purchased invisible bra model. Very easy to wear, those proposed by Fashion Forms can be reused up to 50 times: they are smooth, stay-up and have a comfortable adhesive coating.

The self-adhesive cups to be applied directly to the breast are particularly suitable for those who do not have large breasts, which, reusable up to 25 times, are light and easy to apply. Warning: the brand emphasizes that this model is not suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Melliex invisible and silicone nipple covers

Melliex invisible and silicone nipple covers

A very valid alternative to the more common invisible bra is undoubtedly the nipple cover by Melliex. Made with silicone and biological glue, this model lifts the breast upwards and is equipped with an anti-friction cloth right in the sensitive area around the nipple, to avoid painful rubbing. It can be reused many times: you just need to wash it thoroughly once it is removed.

€ 9 on Amazon


  • Totally invisible: the color is very similar to that of the skin
  • The most central part is equipped with an anti-friction cloth to protect the nipple
  • Made of silicone and self-adhesive biological glue, soft and comfortable
  • These nipple covers lift the breast upwards: the length of the upper part, called “rabbit ears” can be eliminated according to your needs


  • Particularly suitable for those with small breasts

How to wash the invisible bra

invisible bra How to wash and store the invisible bra

Cleaning this bra is necessary and must be done paying close attention to the transparent material you have chosen (be it silicone or adhesive). Before getting rid of the packaging in which it is contained, consult scrupulously and carefully the recommended washing method and its conservation.

To ensure that it adheres perfectly to the skin and for as long as necessary, the affected area must be thoroughly cleansed and dried. After using it you will have to wash the invisible bra gently, with lukewarm water and neutral soap (without overdoing the doses), then pat it dry and let it air dry.

A few hours after drying you can dab it again to remove any excess water, and your bra will be ready to be worn again!

Its conservation is just as important as washing care. Organize a space dedicated to this category of lingerie, and also keep the packaging of the purchase: ideal technique especially for adhesive bra models, you can store it in the packaging and thus prevent it from being damaged.

Can the classic bra be made “invisible”?

To date, models with removable straps are very popular on the market: to make your bra invisible you can simply unhook them from both ends and leave the bandeau bra, or tie the two ends behind the neck in the case of dresses or garments with this type. of lacing.

If you feel at ease, a valid solution to adopt to make the classic bra invisible is to eliminate it and not wear it! Many garments, especially the most elegant ones and for ceremonies lend themselves to be worn without support, others, on the other hand, are made with a support already incorporated, such as sewn cups or elasticated bands.

To hide the nipples, however, you can use gods very simple adhesive or silicone nipple covers (always paying close attention when removing).

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