Intimate products are no longer taboo with this millennial firm: it is a re-vulva-lution!


In the middle of 2019 many of the taboos related to female intimacy and sexuality have already been broken. We have talked about selfies vaginal, the appearance of our vaginas and a thousand and one ways to reach orgasm. Alone or accompanied, because that is something you always want. But the conversation about intimate hygiene, itching and cosmetic care from below. Something that this American firm is doing as we like: with a lot of humor, celebrities and total normality.

Our vagina needs particular attention. Because its pH and the particular sensitivity of the skin in that area do not suffice with a soap of any body to clean it properly. And the same goes for the lubricant, with the moisturizer in case of dryness or even with options to avoid itching in summer. That we know it all but it's a secret which, in many occasions, is between our trusted pharmacist and us.

So far, because this intimate hygiene brand has 100% covered for a totally round comfort and vaginal hygiene. But they also do it with a lot of humor and good vibes, with groundbreaking messages like “itch don’t kill my vibe"Or"welcome to the re-vulva-lution ”that invite us to celebrate our sexuality by buying a lot of whims beauty to our vagina. And so it should always be!

His proposal ranges from essentials such as probiotics, soaps or vaginal deodorants to more specialized products, such as a spray that minimizes menstrual pain, lubricants, balms against itching and even sticks for chafing. They also have a more generic hygiene offer, such as body soaps, bath bombs to relieve cramps during your period, or products for stretch marks. The only downside? Than This past vaginal signature that has thought everything only sells in the United States (for the moment).

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