In search of energy and balance, I try a Gong Bath and Tibetan Bowls. I tell you my experience


These days I continue with the firm determination of take care of me and reach the force I need to face the winter months. Over the past few years I have practiced many disciplines on which I have written on occasion: mindfulness, yoga, shiatsu … The result has always been so positive that I cannot avoid continuing to experiment. Among the latest trends, the Gong Bath and Tibetan Bowls It is booming. A discipline that, if for me it is not so novel, since a great friend has practiced it for years and has always recommended it to me, I have finally met at the Assari center, where I have had the opportunity to try a completely extraordinary session for his power over the senses and effects.

A therapy that lasted just over an hour and in which I could experience sensations so new as to feel the need to share an experience that I believe positive for everyone who practices it.

Gong Bath is a therapy based on sound Y vibrations what are you looking for harmonize physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically Who enjoys it. That's the theory, but when something is described like this, the curiosity arises to know exactly what it means to physical and emotional level.

A little history

The gong is a sacred and ancestral instrument used for thousands of years that emerged in the Bronze Age, and has been used by various civilizations, Eastern and Western. An instrument considered unique to reach a deep state of meditation and awareness. A source of resonance that produces multiple tones in a continuous spectrum of sound. A wave and vibration, which occupies the space and for the human being it is tangible due to its special characteristics and to which benefits such as healing through sound are attributed, since throughout history it has been considered as one of the oldest forms of healing.

If something makes this sound special it is your wave volume and the amount of powers and effects attributed. You know that we are always subject to vibrations at certain frequencies, whether we hear it or not. Sound frequencies can affect us at the cellular level, and also how we feel and function. The practices of energy healing through sound as a Gong bath use vibration and frequency to help reduce stress, become aware and create a sense of peace, well-beingr and better Balance.

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My experience

It is absolutely impossible to transfer in a video or recording what the sound of a gong supposes, since what characterizes its singularity is the power to wrap the individual in a sound bubble that as I have described gives the feeling of being tangible-. I felt immersed in a sound field that covered the present moment. Such a sound intense, serious and "magical" that throughout the session and depending on the tone and rhythm could produce me joy, peace and even fear…, something that I tell you from my experience.

The most significant part of a Gong Bath session is its energetic power over the organism: the vibration is perceived at the musculoskeletal, mood and even cellular level. As you know, the human body is composed of 65-75% water and the discipline explains that sound is transmitted through the internal liquid. Of course I was not able to feel the effect at this "invisible" level, however I could check the energetic and psychological effect I had at the end of the session.

Before, during the session, I reached a state of calm, harmony and mental and spiritual peace, a break with respect to everything that had happened throughout the day and the usual worries. Fullness and rest.

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The effects

The benefits attributed to this discipline are, as I have described, very varied, on a physical level it releases stressrelax the nervous system, Look for the Balance of the glandular and endocrine system and increase defenses of the organism. At the mental level, reactivate brain functions by balancing the hemispheres, improving creativity, the capacity of concentration and contributing serenity and clarity. It can be considered as a therapy that releases tensions and blockages.

If you ask me about my result, I can tell you that there was a before and after: I arrived stressed, maybe skeptical of a real change and ended the session with a very high energy level, renewed and with a deep feeling of joy That has lasted many days.

This therapy is indicated for those who seek general well-being, reduce stress, calm and harmonize emotions, deep relaxation, eliminate toxins, channel and boost energy Y improve the ability to self healing of the body. Before the end of the session I also received a small demonstration of what a massage involves tibetan bowls. Stress release and energy rebalancing, by alignment with the spine.

Assari, the wellness center par excellence, about which I have written on other occasions, offers among its various possibilities and therapies the Gong Baths Y Tibetan bowls for groups or at the individual level, both in the center of Serrano street nº6, and moving to other locations. From my experience, guaranteed a excellent mood, maximum energy and a wide smile. Remember: the happiness is beauty.

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