Illuminating make-up base: secrets and products for a skin that shines


Are you dreaming of a glow make-up? Starting with a luminous makeup base is the first step for a super wow final effect. Here we reveal all the secrets on the subject.

After years of matte finsh faces, the time has come shine and the best way to do this is to use one illuminating make-up base.

Healthy, luminous and super glow: these are the three watchwords for this type of face make-up that has dominated the catwalks of all the world.

But how to start and, above all, from where? To do this, in addition to a good skincare that must never be missing for any type of look, it is essential to choose some products designed and studied precisely for a dewy skin effect.

From the primer to the foundation through the illuminant: discover with us what absolutely must not be missing in your new beauty case for a year of brightness.

Face oil

FARSÁLI, Rose Gold Elixir

Diego dalla Palma, gold infusion

MULAC, Face Oil: Dewmix

, Coco GoldHello Body, Coco Gold

Want a super glow face? Add some face oil to your skincare. After the cream or by adding just a few drops to the cream itself you will get a much brighter finish already on bare skin.

In addition, during the winter, it will add an extra pampering to the skin by increasing the moisturizing power and leaving a silky feeling to the touch after your beauty routine.

Illuminating primers

Kiko, Radiant Boost Face Base

Essence, Prime + Studio Glow Boosting + Pore Minimizing Primer

Dior, Face & Body Glow

All, absolutely all, often seek primer with a matte finish but the time has come to give space to luminous products with a pearlescent finish. The primer is in fact a fundamental step when you want to create one lasting and long lasting face base plus, it has the ability to add a super bright touch to your foundation.

But be careful, if you have extremely oily skin that tends to shine in no time, it may be too much for you: this type of primer has a high moisturizing power and, for this reason, it goes perfectly with the driest skin. and ripe.

Illuminating foundation

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Chanel, vitalumière

Charlotte Tilbury, light wonder

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

There is no make-up without foundation and, even in this case, the time has come to put aside the old matte formulas and designed for decidedly lighter and velvety products. Yes to glow formulas that add small luminous particles within the color and, in addition, opt for very light formulations that will give that effect I see I do not see it will be of great help to your illuminating make-up base.

For the application avoid sponges and beauty blenders which, even if they allow greater coverage, tend to uniform the complexion too much, eliminating the natural and luminous effect you are looking for. Yes, on the other hand, to the synthetic bristle brushes that will allow you to work the bottom at its best without heating it too much and leaving a super natural effect.

To increase the lighting effect or to transform an opaque background, then, you could add a few drops of liquid highlighter, but be careful as the formula will be smoother and may shift and move throughout the day.

Glow effect fixing sprays

Morphe, Fixing Spray with Makeup Fixing Illuminating effect

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Glow Perfecting Mist

Makeup Revolution London, Fix & Glow Dewy Finish

Becca Cosmetics, Skin Love Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist

The final touch must be there and never fail and, if once upon a time, it was given by the all-over powder to mattify the best, today is the time for illuminating fixing sprays. To be sprayed on the face, at a safe distance, after having done all the makeup, from the face to the cheeks, in no time they will fix the make-up for hours, add a little hydration lost due to the make-up and they will add a glow effect to the face in general.

The last step to be replicated several times a day, thanks to a mini size that you will expertly keep in your handbag, to refresh your make-up and add a touch of light that should never be missing from your routine.

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