Illuminating: how to use it on tanned skin


The illuminant is the make-up product that you definitely can’t forget this summer, but be careful to use it correctly, to avoid looking decidedly too radiant.

There skin in summer needs fewer products to be made up, especially if days and days of sunshine have given you aTan enviable. Even if darkening a few tones, the complexion appears visually smoother and imperfections seem less evident, the downside exists: thetanning tends to make the face more opaque and to flatten the features a little. For this, the make up product you own it can not miss in your holiday beauty bag is the illuminant.

Spread it all over the face or in strategic points, in fact, it will make your tan even more noticeable, exalting it like never before.

Be careful though not to overdo itotherwise your image may look way too dazzling.

How to choose the right illuminant

The highlighter, as the word itself says, is used to give the complexion a brighter allure. The techniques for using it are different but first you learn how to put them into practice on your tanned skin is need to figure out which one to choose. In fact, the illuminants are not all the same.


The illuminant it can be powder or liquid. There is no big difference between the two types but undoubtedly the powders are easier to blend in case you notice that you have applied too much. In addition, they usually give a much more glow image so they are perfect to revive the tan.



These products exist in many shades.

On tanned skin the most suitable are those golden or bronze, which best blend with the momentary color of the complexion. If your tan is just hinted you can also opt for a champagne color but stay away from pink or lilac shades, suitable for fair skin with cold undertones.


How to apply the highlighter

The highlighter is the King of summer make-up also because it is super versatile and lends itself to various uses.

Mix it with your moisturizer

If your goal is to achieve a radiant yet extremely natural face, choose one liquid highlighter and mix a few drops to your moisturizer. Then roll it out all over the face, wait for it to dry and admire the crazy result.


Learn the highlighting technique

If, on the other hand, you want to sculpt the face e bring out only a few points, use the highlighting technique, which could almost be called the soft version of contouring.

Like the latter, in fact, plays on light and shadows of the face but with the difference that it does not use other products, which risk being too many for the skin in summer. In addition, yours is already tanned so it takes very little to give it three-dimensionality.


What’s this

This technique at the origin was intended for use by make-up artists on the occasion of video or shooting in which the girls portrayed should appear particularly bright and in which the stage lights should be reflected in specific points.

Its purpose is to succeed through the sole use of the illuminant to increase the natural light of the complexion and to highlight specific areas, leaving others in the shade. Perfect in combination with a tan, if done correctly it will give you skin as if kissed by the sun.

How to do it

The basic points where to direct the light are usually upper part of the cheekbones, temples and cupid’s bow but you can decide whether to add others to make your face even more radiant. The only rule that you absolutely must not transgress is not to overdo it.

Once you have identified the points on which to insist, spread a little highlighter on them, helping you with a sponge or, even better, a medium-sized brush, with soft and wide bristles. Proceed with circular motions in order to blend the highlighter with your tan as much as possible.


Experience it in other ways too

The highlighter on tanned skin can also be used for turn on other areas of the face.

Light up your eyes

Try this product for eye make-up as a substitute for eyeshadow. You can spread it out evenly over the entire eyelid or use it as a light point. In the latter case, apply the highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, so as to make your eyes more open and brighter.

Apply only a veil or a larger amount, depending on how much light you want to give off.

Another way to use highlighter on the eyes is to put some in the center of the mobile eyelid, in order to shift the brightness and the attention of those in front of you there. This technique emphasizes above all the color, while the previous one the shape.


Brighten your lips

Another less obvious area in which to experiment with the highlighter technique is that of lip.

As for the eyes, the techniques for doing this are different: you can dab a bit of highlighter only on cupid’s bow so as to accentuate the shape o on the center of the lower lip, in order to create the optical illusion of greater volume.


Brighten the nose

Just like with the contouring technique, also play with the highlighter on the nose area serves to give the illusion that its form is different.

For example, if you are aiming for a French nose, slightly up, tap a little highlighter on the tip.

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