Illuminating: how to use it for a natural make-up


The must-have product if you want to create a natural make-up? Undoubtedly it is the illuminant. Just spread it in the right places and the nude glow effect is guaranteed.

A flawless base is an excellent starting point for creating a complete make-up look but to get it you don’t necessarily have to use a thousand products, especially if the the final result you are aiming for is super natural. If you don’t particularly like putting a lot of products on your face, or you just don’t feel skilled enough to do it, focuses everything on the illuminant.

Sometimes relegated a little to the margins of beauty must-haves, it is instead extremely versatile and perfect for creating an almost nude make-up, which is there but cannot be seen in short.

How to choose the right highlighter for a natural look

It’s easy to say illuminating, but the truth is there is not just oneIndeed, the options are myriad and making the wrong choice could affect the success of your super natural look.

For each skin its own formula

Before you buy it ask yourself what type of skin you have, if it tends to dry give priority to liquid illuminants, which blend easily with the skin and do not make it even more arid; while if you are on the team combination or oily skin it would be better to opt for powder solutions, that they do not slip away in a short time.

In case of indecision or fickle skin that belongs permanently to one of the two categories, the optimal solution is equip yourself with both types, so you can choose from time to time the one you think is most appropriate.


Pay attention to the color

For what concern color, if you aspire to a natural make-up you should choose it rather similar to that of your skin, so as to create just a glow that makes the face look radiant and nothing more.

If you have the clear skin, you are not very tanned and your colors are quite cool the right palette is the one that explores all shades of pink and goes all the way to pearl.

If the complexion is medium or dark and you have decidedly warmer colors you can go a little further, hugging also fishing but without exaggerating. Remember that the ultimate goal is a nude look then be careful even with gold: a bit okay, too definitely not.


How to apply the highlighter all over the face

If the idea you have in mind is not to particularly highlight some parts of the face rather than others, but to make it all naturally more radiant, you must spread the illuminant over the entire surface and in the most homogeneous way possible.

Liquid highlighter

In case your choice was this type, after completing the skincare routine phase and having therefore prepared the skin in the best possible way, you have two options: pour a little bit of illuminating (not too much) and then spread it out on your face with your fingers, making circular movements; or mix a few drops with your usual moisturizer and, once obtained a homogeneous mixture, apply it on the face naturally.

This last mix can also be done by combining highlighter and foundation, choose the option you prefer based on the level of coverage you want to achieve.

Powder highlighter

The powders, on the other hand, a lot better spread them with a brush, possibly large and with wide and soft bristles, able to capture the right amount of product and distribute it evenly on the face, previously hydrated.


How to choose the right points for a super natural result

If the idea of ​​sparkling everything doesn’t excite you you can use the highlighter only in a few strategic points, so as to give your nude face just a slight boost of brightness where it’s needed.

Create the base as you like best, that is with a foundation, a BB cream or just nothing, then stand in front of the mirror and try to understand where you would like to intervene. Then move on to action.

For this operation it takes care of small portions of the face powders could be more comfortable to use but no typology is precluded.


Cheekbones, eyes and smile in the foreground

For an imperceptible radiance start from the cheekbones. This is the part of the face where the highlighter is most popular but if in the eighties and nineties there were layers and layers of gold deposited right there, you go decidedly softer and limited to a veil of product to blend towards the temples and outwards.

Other focus super important are the eyes, where you can use the highlighter instead of the classic eyeshadow. You choose whether to apply it on the entire surface or only in the internal point near the nose or under the eyebrow arch, thus creating specific light points. If you choose this second option, the product will be more visible but if you do not exaggerate with the quantities the nude effect will not be affected.

If you have a thread of eye bags and you would like to cover them while maintaining the mood of the light, opt for a illuminating concealer of the same gradation.

To complete the look, choose a nude lipstick and tap on cupid’s bow a little highlighter, the wow effect in this way will be assured.


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