Illuminating: how to use it and which one to choose


Illuminating? Yes please! Here’s what it is, how to use it and which one to choose, to give your face a brighter, fresher and shinier look. Absolutely glamorous!

How to give your face a touch of extra brightness, but always maintaining a natural and super fresh look? Simply by using a specific make-up product such asilluminating. A never again without always keeping in your beauty bag. Perfect for those of you who want to embellish your face with a shiny and elegant effect. And with the advantage of being suitable both for your looks for the day and for those you will show off during your fantastic evenings.

Obviously choosing the right texture and color according to your complexion and applying it correctly. Here, then, is all that is good to know about this fantastic make-up product and how to enhance even more the natural beauty of your face, with a few simple gestures.

What is the illuminant?

First of all (and for the uninitiated) it is good to answer a fundamental question: what is the illuminant? As the name suggests, when we talk about illuminant we mean a make up product whose purpose is to give the face a brighter, brighter, more radiant appearance. But always without exaggerating and guaranteeing a super natural beauty look.

A very important ally of your beauty routine to enhance and highlight your features, enhancing the shapes and volumes and giving the skin a radiant, fresh and shiny appearance. But be careful which one to choose!

face highlighter

Types: which is the most suitable?

As with other types of product, in fact, even the illuminant can have different finishes, matte or shiny, and that it is good to know:

  • the opaque illuminant (which therefore has no reflective particles inside) is perfect for the day, as it is more sober and natural. Ideal for lightening the part of the face on which it will be applied but always very much soft, delicate and not very visible;
  • when the illuminant is bright instead, it tends to reflect light, giving the skin a brighter effect, almost like a glow. Giving the skin a super glamorous effect.

illuminating make up

And for the texture?

But that is not all. In addition to the finish, the texture can also be different and more or less suitable depending on the type of your skin. Specifically, the illuminant can be:

  • in powder, with a longer duration but a slightly less natural effect and more suitable for those with oily skin;
  • in cream which is more uniform with the skin but which have a shorter duration than the powder texture. More suitable for those with dry skin.

According to the needs, therefore, it is good to choose the most suitable illuminating product, obviously also always paying great attention to the nuance.

illuminating typologies

How to choose the color of the illuminant?

Yes, you got it right. Even for the illuminant, in fact, there are different colors which is good to evaluate before applying. The reason? Make sure that the chosen color is homogeneous and in line with your complexion (also valid for other products such as foundation, bronzer, etc.), avoiding the formation of unnatural and certainly not very aesthetic detachments of color.

enlightening choice

But how do you choose the right ones? Paying attention to two fundamental elements, the skin tone to understand the more or less dark intensity of the illuminant and the undertone, to determine the warmth of the nuance. So:

  • if your undertone is cold, it is better to opt for silvery colors or colors similar to rose quartz;
  • on the other hand, when your undertone is warm, it is better to go towards shades such as peach, gold and blush color.

But not only:

  • for those with a fair complexion, the right highlighter tends towards pink. But also the warm ones ranging from golden white to champagne;
  • if the skin has a medium-light color, shades ranging from beige to pink, passing through gold are perfect;
  • when the complexion, on the other hand, is darker, olive-colored, it is better to prefer close illuminating shades bronze or caramel.

illuminating face

How is the illuminant applied?

Once you have chosen the right highlighter for you, both in color and texture, you just have to apply it. Provided in the right way and in the right places. Which? The cheekbones, the browbone, the inner part of the eyes and cupid’s bow (i.e. the central part of the upper lip). In addition to the chin and nose if you want to make them more visible.

To do this, it will be enough for you use your fingers or a brush (as you prefer) by applying the product immediately after the foundation and the concealer, starting from the cheekbones and going outwards, passing through the forehead and the arch of the eyebrows, the inner corner of the eyes (with a smaller brush) and tapping the nose or other smaller points with the fingertips. Blending it all.

illuminating application

Thus obtaining a make up and a super fresh, radiant and luminous face. Without exaggerating but giving you an absolutely natural look and a wow effect at any time of the day. Perfectly in theme with the summer and with your desire to shine, day and night.

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