If Zara and Mango agree to launch the same skirt, best-selling insurance


It is not uncommon for Mango and Zara to demonstrate this kind of telepathy extraordinary It is possible to agree on some garment that will mar in the seasonal trend, but that throw it exactly at the same time yes that seems almost almost a paranormal case. The truth is that the design in question can not be more opportune: it favors practically all bodies, we love it in looks from 50 and there is no expiration date. It has all the ballots to succeed in all sizes and generations. For all that, this midi skirt in dark denim is going to become, surely, in best selling.

The Mango version of the denim skirt that also launches Zara.

The Mango version of the denim skirt that Zara also launches.


The design that he proposes Mango is, as almost always, something more expensive (29.99 euros). The pattern is the classic of the cowboy skirts, with its five pockets and debit loops on the jeans, the zip and button closure and a front opening that facilitates the passage. We love the styling proposed by the Barcelona firm, with a Hunter cowgirl black used as a shirt.

The Zara option convinces us a lot, above all, for the price: it only costs 19.95 euros. In everything else it is practically clonic, with the same denim in anthracite gray, clonic opening and consequent imported details of the jeans. We should have them on hand to find out if it is the cotton quality which explains the price difference … I wish Mango included it in his collection of extended sizes, Violet. It would work almost better than in the main collection.

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