If you really want a flat stomach, here’s what you can do and what to avoid


Do you dream of a flat stomach before departure? It can be done, as long as you commit to respecting all the dos and donts of a flat stomach: from nutrition to physical activity, to stress management.

We will not waste time preaching to you: you already know that you are perfect as you are and it will certainly not be a flat stomach that will make you pass the costume test. On the other hand, as Body Positivity teaches, the body is yours alone and if you want to leave for the holidays with sculpted abs and flat stomach, who are we to discourage you? Of course, it won’t be easy. Abdominal fat, in fact, is extremely difficult to eliminate. Without considering that, when it comes to weight loss, it is not possible to choose which part of the body to lose weight on. This is why the combination of the gym and a healthy diet could help you reach your “target weight”, but not get you to lose weight exactly where you want. Trying to eliminate abdominal fat, however, is one of those good intentions that we should all have: it is not, in fact, a simple aesthetic question, but something that could prove to be a health problem. Abdominal fat, in fact, can put internal organs at risk and eliminating it can protect their health. How to do? All a matter of good habits.

Flat stomach: you need proper nutrition

If your goal is a flat stomach, you need to start with nutrition. Consuming certain foods on a regular basis – or drastically eliminating others – is the key to deflation of the abdomen.. And we’re not just talking about reducing salt intake to decrease water retention or eating more fruit and vegetables, but also about paying attention to where the food comes from. Packaged and canned products, for example, are enemies of the flat stomach, which needs a diet that is as natural as possible. That’s why it’s good enrich meals with sunflower, flax or hemp seeds, a source of “good” fats.

Yes to whole grains, fibrous vegetables and avocado

Two excellent allies to eliminate abdominal fat are whole grains and vegetables rich in fiber. Precious foods, which prevent the body from absorbing too much sugar. Fibers also help the body get rid of waste and keep weight under control. To keep sugar peaks under control, on the other hand, the right ally is avocado.

No to excess sugars

To eliminate abdominal fat, it is good to keep the glycemic index under control and, therefore, limit the consumption of foods very high in sugar. In fact, foods that are too rich in it can increase insulin production, which can increase the accumulation of abdominal fat. Among the NOTs to keep a flat stomach there are, of course, alcohol and carbonated drinks, which cause swelling right in the abdominal area.

Regular physical activity to reduce abdominal fat

There is nothing better than sports for reducing fat accumulations. Specifically, it is aerobic activity to be particularly indicated: By keeping your heart rate high – but not high enough to become a cardio workout – you can burn a lot of calories. Kickboxing, Zumba, running, swimming, for example, are perfect for keeping a flat stomach, without considering how good fitness can be, as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight. In the gym routine, then, you can’t miss the abdominals: with targeted and specific exercises, in fact, it is possible to make the core stronger and reduce fat mass, replacing it with the lean one. A sedentary lifestyle is therefore prohibited. And if the gym isn’t your thing, try yoga and pilates, disciplines that can significantly reduce abdominal fat.


Say no to stress for a flat stomach

Sometimes, weight gain and the accumulation of abdominal fat is caused by the production of cortisol, that is, the stress hormone. Anxiety and tension, in fact, can favor the accumulation of fat on the abdomen. This is why to have a truly flat stomach you need to dedicate yourself to relaxation. The ideal is to sleep at least 8 hours a night, breathe and meditate, carving out a moment each day to put aside the stress.

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