If you have jeans that you no longer wear, check out this radical trick to update them completely


Surely you are seeing them in your favorite ‘street style’ profiles and, if not, you will start to sign them in the low cost collections that are more attentive to the latest trend. Jeans with rips have been appearing in our windows for several months, almost always in the already known versions:
cleverly placed small openings or very powerful tears that can even expose a large part of the thigh. It is not what we are going to propose to you next, calm down. We will go for a cut
much more strategic, refined and original. In fact, a style trick to get the perfect ripped to update any jean and rejuvenate an outfit with basics.

Stradiarius jeans with large rips on the knees. /


The collection where we are already beginning to see
this clean and strategic cut We want to propose to you is the one from Stradivarius: a pair of jeans with a 90s silhouette (you know: generous legs) have just arrived that include one or two cleanly open slits at the knee. They fit wonderfully well and don’t fall into
the storm of tears and fraying that we associate with youth trends. See how our inspiring influencer wears them: practically open to the knee and very elegant accompanied by a blazer.

Pay attention to this original option to update an old and worn jean: give it a tear only on one knee. /


It is true: the cut that the influencer wears is very radical. Much more than those offered by the young low cost collections, especially Stradivarius. In fact,
What we suggest is not to buy an already torn jean that is close to the trend we propose, but to turn the trend into a trick and customize a jean yourself. If you have discarded jeans, almost to the point of the final file, you can update them with
a good snip on each knee and keep wearing them throughout the summer. The style that dazzles in our inspiration influencer, at your fingertips and free.

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