If you dream that HBO will release the next of 'The Maid's Tale', Margaret Atwood's new book 'The Testaments' continues the story


This week is published one of the most anticipated literary novelties of the year worldwide, both for Margaret Atwood fans, and for fans of one of the most successful HBO series. And is that Willssequel to The maid's tale, arrives at the Spanish bookstores by the hand of Salamandra to reveal what happens in the theocratic republic of Gilead.

Written thirty-four years after its predecessorWith this volume, the acclaimed Canadian writer responds to the questions left to readers when the doors of the van slammed shut after Defred at the end of The maid's tale. A moment that in the series would be equivalent to the end of the first season.

In this way, we remain without knowing what the future of the protagonist would be: freedom, prison or death. Luckily, Margaret Atwood has decided to recover history fifteen years after that event to tell us what happened and she does it through the testimonies of three storytellers from the world of Gilead.

The wills

In addition, we know who these narrators are: Aunt Lydia, the daughter of a family of the ruling class and a young woman from Canada who analyzes it from outside and who could be one of Defred's daughters.

Therefore, as can be deduced after reading the advance of three chapters that Salamandra has made public, Gilead is still a reality fifteen years later.

The author explained in a presentation act at the British Library in London, the day the book was published in English, that she wanted to retake the story because she realized that, instead of moving away from Gilead, the world "moved towards him".

However, he did not want the second installment to be "a repetition" of what has been narrated, nor a novelization of the series. In Wills explore "the beginning of the end" of that dystopian regime that subjugates and enslaves women.

Photos | The maid's tale and salamander.

The wills (Narrative) "src =" https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31Wm3Y7CyML.jpg

The wills (Narrative)

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