If you are still looking for the perfect gingham garment, it is because you have not seen these beautiful Zara pants that make you look great.


gingham plaid they have become one of the great successes of the summer. Even celebrities like Carmen Lomana have worn them. And the best thing is that they will continue to be a trend during the fall. That is why brands offer us a multitude of garments with this pattern: blouses, pants …

There is something for all tastes, but we have found our favorite at Zara. In fact, we are confident that it will become the best buy of the season. We refer to
some pants that are not only beautiful, but also feel great.

They are high-waisted and the hem ends in a flared line. The mini flare cut gives them a very subtle retro look. They have fake pockets on the front and a metal zip, button and hook fastening.

Zara brings us a body with the same pattern as the red and white pants

They are available in
two different colors. Our favorite is the red and white model, as it is very cheerful and rejuvenating. It feels especially good if you have a nice tan this summer. In addition, Zara brings us a body with the same pattern with which you can combine it.

The black and white version is more formal

On the other hand, if you prefer a more serious and formal look, you should choose black and white. Undoubtedly, it is a more discreet option, but one that also makes it a great guy. The easiest way to complete the set is
with a white top.

We have two good news. The first is that it is available in all sizes: from XS to XXL. Therefore, you can wear it regardless of what type of body you have. The second is its price: € 22.95. Taking that into account, we wouldn’t be surprised if it started to run out very soon. So, if you liked it, you should hurry to do with it.

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