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Makeup is an essential part of any woman's life, outside of taboos and because we use it, the fact is that we do it and we love it or personally it is like that. With makeup we can play to see each other with bigger eyes one day, with smaller eyes another, to illuminate our face with illuminators or give depth to the contours, all this makeup is an art and that we have adopted as part of our life and We are comfortable with this, if you want to do it in a way that you can use for day to day let me share some tips.

30 ways to make up the eye to be the protagonist of your makeup

To make up on the day we must follow some rules by calling them in some very simple way that will differentiate our makeup from day to night. I recommend that you apply moisturizers before doing your makeup so your face will look healthier, after applying the makeup base I recommend that you apply translucent powders, these will only seal the base without adding extra color to your skin and feeling and The finish will be lighter. Ideal to see us more natural in the day.

If you like makeup with shadows, opt for illuminating or neutral shades such as coffee, beige, etc. These will only give light to your look, perfectly profile your eyebrows and define them a bit without marking them as much as you would for the night, on the lips you can apply delicate glosses that only make them look healthy, if you like the color apply shades Pink or nude It will give you a healthier and more natural look. Do not forget to apply blush this will give that final touch that your makeup needs.

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