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The return of summer is always uphill for everyone, me included. But when I return from the beach, any little detail that makes me feel even in August I'm worth as a placebo. Especially if we talk about a scent smelling of the sea, the coast and vacation days. That is why I have waited to try the perfume Replica Beach Walk of Maison Margiela so far, so that the return to the office smells like a coast.

Replica is a collection by Maison Margiela that tries to translate familiar situations, moments or moments into aromas. In the case of Beach Walk, the firm itself defines it as “an essence that evokes the memory of a summer day in Calvi (France) in 1972, of a tanned and salty skin by the sea. ”

review beach walk margiela

That is why now that I have just returned from the beach and I still remember that relaxing and summery smell, it is the ideal time to try it and see if this reproduction of aromas is as evocative as I hope.

Output notes: pink pepper, bergamonta and lemon, which give a radiant and very fresh touch to the perfume.

Heart notes: ylang ylang and coconut milk to put the exotic point; and transluzone that emulates an aquatic freshness.

Base notes: musk, cedar and benzoin, which give more weight and a slight sweetness to the final result.

review beach walk margiela

The perfume is presented as the rest of the proposals of the Replica line, in a transparent glass container with organic cord detail and fully informative fabric label. As if it had been typed, with a look very vintage and pharmacist. Its price is 95.95 euros, turning this aroma into a fancy fancy to have on the dresser. And I advance that yes, it is worth it.

This essence meets, in passing, all expectations and more. It is fresh, it is very summery and it has that sweet touch of the skin that has been soaking for a long time and exposed to the sun, salt and sand on the beach. But it doesn't stay alone in a refreshing perfume. The woody touch of cedar gives it some weight and sophistication, getting the perfect balance between a beachy and relaxed smell and a more elegant and nocturnal smell.

review beach walk margiela

On the skin, this perfume lasts many hours. Yes, changing slightly and becoming more subtle. If at the beginning the intense touch of the wood and musk is more evident, with the passing of the hours and the exposure to the air they evolve towards a lighter and more timid aroma, which remains in the skin as a summer smell detail.

Perfume rating Replica Beach Walk by Maison Margiela

  • Packaging: 10/10
  • Aroma: 10/10
  • Duration: 10/10
  • Sensation in the skin: 10/10
  • Price: 7/10

Without shame, I tell you that It has become my absolute favorite, replacing many others that he already had in the bag. The best of all is that it lasts a long time, that the packaging is very resistant and that it is a good memory that the holidays did not happen so long ago, however much the return to work makes us feel the opposite.

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