‘I almost turn gray’: when a woman decides to stop dyeing

"Quasi quasi mi faccio grigia": quando una donna decide di smettere di tingersi

Those in the middle age will remember times when ladies, at some point in their lives, felt the need and urgency to go blond. They started off with harmless highlights, but they quickly got carried away and after a few weeks they exhibited unlikely platinum tints on dark brows. It surprised the inevitability of the transformation and its resigned acceptance, as if the blond hood was a consequence of aging like wrinkles and menopause.

With age I would have understood that there comes a time when dye stops being fun to become a necessity, and that a variously colored head is still preferable to the real trichological drama in which we all stumble: the transition phase.

“The white hair is now cleared through customs, but for the salt and pepper it is a whole other story” – confirms my friend Serena. “What I hate is the transition period in which the gray line of regrowth advances like sand in the hourglass to remember the passing of time. I’m tired of dyeing my hair and if I could have it all gray immediately I would, but it is that intermediate phase that holds me back: it is unmanageable and makes a lot of age statement. How is it resolved? “

What gray hair says about you and what to do to cover it up or ... show it off!


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What gray hair says about you and what to do to cover it up or … show it off!

Did your gray hair suddenly appear? Sooner or later it would happen … did you decide to cover them or highlight them?

I understand Serena’s dilemma. If before leaving gray hair was a punk gesture reserved for nonconformist ladies with very strong self-esteem, for some time showing a white head has become such a popular option as to risk becoming mainstream, as shown by the many Instagram pages dedicated to the topic. Too bad that switching from one’s color to white is not an easy or painless process, but requires, on the contrary, a series of precautions and some things to know.

“The head is mine and I manage it.” But no.

In case you decide to leave your hair gray, know that you will have to account for this to family, colleagues, friends and saucy strangers. If dyeing fuchsia hair is now socially accepted, deciding to leave it gray is a gesture of self-determination that disconcerts. Fortunately, age and the sense of freedom that this entails give the security necessary to take the big step.

It is necessary to have an accomplice and you may not find one in your trusted hairdresser. Most of these will try to discourage you by pointing out how the gray head ages or gives a sloppy and neglected appearance, while the accomplice will support you and work with you a strategy to minimize the discomforts of the transition.

Going gray requires strong nerves and a certain goal because the transition can last a long time: from six months to a year. Know that relapses may occur and that in a moment of weakness you may find yourself starting over with your head painted black. Nothing serious: the beauty of dyeing your hair is that decisions, even the most rash, are transitory and reversible.

It is not necessary to cut your hair short: the transition can very well take place on long hair, as demonstrated by this community of women of all ages and proudly gray

To prevent gray from turning yellow, there are special shampoos. On the other hand, after a certain age, dark colors turn red (cd red menopause), and few things connote a woman as much as that auburn shade.

Do you think a gray hair is sloppy and aging? Go tell Miranda Priestly or Christine Lagarde if you dare.

Aesthetically speaking, a gray hair is still preferable to certain compact and unnatural colors that give an unlikely “playmobil effect”.

“Look at a photo of George Clooney and one of Antonello Venditti and tell me which of the two you would sleep with. Why can’t it also apply to women? ” asks Francesca. Yeah, why?

“I know very well that I could continue to dye myself, only that I want to help create a diversified ecosystem in which to see all the alternatives circulate, so that we can be truly free to choose.” declares my friend Floriana. Gray as an ethical choice.

Paradoxically, white hair gives more to those with a fair complexion because it radiates light.

“When dyeing your hair becomes slavery, stopping doing it is a newfound freedom, an opportunity to let yourself go out and experience a new femininity”. To say it is the blogger Antonella Gallino who with this post, has treated the topic in the most honest, fun and exhaustive way possible. If she says so, you have to believe her.

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