How to wear a cropped cardigan and rock the trend [30 FOTOS]


Victoria Rocha

The cropped cardigan is the union of the classic cardigan, comfortable and stylish, with the charming length of the cropped. It's all good! To get the look right, check out inspirations with the piece and tips on how to use it!

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30 cropped cardigan looks for you to rock

We separate visual ideas with the piece to help you compose the best looks with it! Follow:

1. The piece has style to spare

Aysha Sow

2. And it can be used in different ways


3. The models can also vary, they are beautiful

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4. Some have prints


5. Buttons can have a special charm, like pearls

Aimee Song

6. But modern versions may not even have buttons

Aimee Song

7. Or have a zipper, how about?

Negin Mirsalehi

8. There are options with mooring

Flavia Pavanelli

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9. Pure romanticism!

Mathi à la mode

10. The cropped cardigan offers a lot of comfort

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11. Flashy colors are energetic and cheerful

Francis Lola

12. But neutral tones have an undeniable beauty

Helena Brosnan

13. You can use your open cardigan, as in this ideal look for an event

Victoria Rocha

14. With a little dress, you're ready for a ride

Louise Dam-weng

15. Unleash creativity to compose flawless looks

Kitch catterall

16. Combine comfort and style

Sasha Rassoli

17. And make it successful


18. Regardless of your style

Ellen V Lora

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19. For hot days, count on a short sleeve piece

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20. Lovely, isn't it?


21. Jeans are wild and a great match with the cropped cardigan

Louise Dam-Weng

22. Ideal for everyday life, whether at work or at leisure

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23. With tennis, it's double the comfort!

Victoria Rocha

24. Without a doubt, it's a sure-fire piece

Dua Lipa

25. Since it can be used all year

Francis Lola

26. The model and color may vary according to your taste

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27. Whatever the occasion

Camila Coelho

28. Have an ally in your closet

Victoria Rocha

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29. That's easy, right?

Louise Dam-Weng

30. Just wear your cropped cardigan and shine around

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It's a better look than the other, isn't it? Take advantage of these inspirations and run and choose a look with him!

How to wear cropped cardigan

Want to know how to use this amazing piece? So, drop play and follow these videos full of tips for you!

Learn how to bet on the trend

The influencer Victória Rocha gives tips on how to use and combine the piece, in addition to bringing wonderful inspirations! Take a look!

How to adapt the cropped cardigan to your style

In this video, you learn how to use the cropped cardigan in different proposals. It has tips for the romantic and those who love a casual look! In addition, you will find ideas about the piece: open, closed, with your back… the sky is the limit!

Part Tips

Check out tips on how to use and which cropped to invest in. Puffed sleeve, different buttons and lengths. There are options for all tastes and times of the year for you to combine with the pieces you already have!

Have you seen how the cropped cardigan is successful, right? Don't be left out! If you are in the vibe of warm pieces, check out these 20 inspirations with a wool blouse and throw yourself into the compositions!

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