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By Rebecca Ribeiro

On April 23, 2001

The 90s and the hippie era return to the fashion world with different trends, especially the earring made of beads. This colorful and stylish accessory is making the ear of all the famous. Therefore, we separate some inspirations and teach you where to buy and how to make yours.

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Where you can buy bead earring

With a more fun and full of mixtures, the bead earring can be found everywhere, even on the covers of major magazines such as Vogue. In addition, many stores have emerged and others have joined this phenomenal piece. So, check out where you can find the most varied types of earring to suit your style.

  1. Dafiti
  2. HERE
  3. Shop2gether
  4. Renner
  5. Farm Rio
  6. LuLux Studio Store
  7. Off Premium

Whether the earring is multicolored or monochromatic, large or small, what matters is that this fashion came to bring more fun to the looks. So take the time to make several combinations and explore this accessory to the fullest.

How to Make Beads Earring

One of the reasons why bead earring is so popular is the ease of making this accessory. That is, with few materials you can even abuse your creativity and have unique pieces. So, check out 6 quick and simple tutorials for you to use as a base to create your beads.

Make your hoop earrings full of creativity

With a different and more effective technique, the Adoro Handmade channel created a detailed step by step for you to start creating your bead earring on the hoop model.

Maxi earrings for any occasion

Explore the maxi earrings and create breathtaking pieces with modern pieces. Then enjoy this video from the Bijuterias Fazer Fácil channel and see in detail all the steps for creating this accessory.

Colorful beads earring to add color to the look

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Still on the maxi earring footprint, youtuber Núbia Maia shows in detail how to create a piece in multicolored beads. So don’t miss this step by step if you love pieces with a lot of personality and prominence.

Rock with stylized rings

Do you want to transform your simple hoop earrings into stylish pieces using beads? So check out this tutorial that Priscila from the Priscila is the new channel developed to show you how to spice up your basic pieces.

Take advantage of these tutorials to create fun accessories and rich in personality, so you can make your style even more to your face. In addition, manual arts are on the rise and you can discover a talent for new businesses.

15 bead earring photos to adopt in your style

In order for you to be inspired when using your new earrings, here are 15 photos that prove that this new trend is sensational. So, take the opportunity to also take a look at the models of beads earring for you to try to recreate them.

1. Straight from the time tunnel, the beads are back


2. Only more stylish than ever

Joyce Catharine

3. Betting in different colors


4. As well as in different formats

ℂ𝕒𝕣𝕝𝕒 𝕎𝕒𝕟𝕪 𝕋𝕦𝕩𝕒́

5. The bead earring in the shape of a ring is a success

Alice Moura

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6. Becoming the darling of many

Tatiane Cruz

7. There are several earring sizes

Millie Bobby Brown

8. Small and more discreet

Viviane Isoni

9. Those that attract the most attention and are multicolored

Laís Menon

10. Bet on that black nothing basic

Camila Furtado

11. But without leaving the strong colors aside

Isadora Maria

12. Every detail of this bead earring is amazing


13. And this accessory goes with any moment

Ailimy Senhorin

14. Enjoy this versatility


15. And use it at any time you want


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With several different models, it will not be difficult to create amazing looks using beads earring. This piece that marked a generation, returns more modern and stylish to diversify the use of accessories. And if you think that only the earring is back, know that the bead necklace makes a pair of breathtaking that you need to check.

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