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Victoria Rocha

With loose sides and slightly shorter, short godê is a new model that even resembles a skirt. Because of his modeling, he makes his hips stand out, while sharpening his legs and waist. Versatile, it can be found in different fabrics and can be used in a wide variety of proposals. With that in mind, we’ve separated inspiration photos and options for you to buy.

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20 looks with short godê to adhere to the piece

Let’s start with looks composed with short godê so you can see how this piece is easy to use, regardless of your style. See below:

1. Short godê is the face of summer

Thássia Naves

2. Because it is wide, it is a comfortable piece

Valentina Ferragni

3. That goes with a carnival look

Marina Ruy Barbosa

4. And also on the beach

Valentina Ferragni

5. How does this bikini inspiration show

Chiara Ferragni

6. But you can also compose a more tidy look

Ju Romano

7. To mix trends, combine short with muscle tee

Jessica Juvencio

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8. Or even tie-dye

Bianca Dacia

9. A combination that goes well in the summer

Thássia Naves

10. How much in winter

Lorena Improta

11. Regardless of your style, you can use short godê

Victoria Rocha

12. Be with a more elegant proposal

Thássia Naves

13. And even very casual

Sabrina Sato

14. Plus size short shorts are stylish

Ju Romano

15. And it also goes well with the thinner ones

Chiara Ferragni

16. It is a very democratic piece

Andressa Santos

17. You just feel comfortable with it

Karina Cruz

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18. High-waisted short shorts mark the waist

Thássia Naves

19. And it helps to tune that part of the body, as well as the legs

Thássia Naves

20. Meanwhile, it highlights the hip

Roberta Lino

So, which of these looks is more your face? As you can see, short godê is a stylish and easy to combine piece.

10 godê shorts to call your own

Now that you have checked out the inspirations for looks, are you looking for a piece to insert in your wardrobe? So, just take a look at the selection we set up below:

1. The short godê jeans is very versatile

Buy at C&A

2. It is easy to combine

Buy at The Blend Shop

3. However, you can go beyond

Buy at the Farm

4. And choose other types of fabrics

Buy at The Blond Shop

5. Like linen, which is more sophisticated

Buy at Amaro

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6. Or soft fabric options

Buy at Launches perfume

7. There is no shortage of alternatives

Buy at Lady Rock

8. So, how about finding a model to call your own?

Buy at Shop Viih Rocha

9. And rock the look with this piece

Buy at C&A

10. Which is pure charm

Buy at C&A

Did you like this trend? It is part of the look of fashionistas and can also look great on you! Another model that is also full of style is the leather shorts.

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